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Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker Accessories

Brewing great coffee or pulling that perfect shot of crema starts with a great machine, perfectly roasted beans and pure water, but - as with all great things - the devil's in the details. That's where accessories from Seattle Coffee Gear come in!

Need a cup to hold your cuppa? A tamper to pat down your grounds? Or maybe you just need the collection of canisters it'll take to store your growing caffeine obsession? We have everything you need to complement your style of coffee consumption, right down to the best in cleaning products for whatever machine or system you have.

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  1. Saeco Royal - Magic Bean Hopper - Blue

    Saeco Royal Magic Bean Hopper - Blue

    Bean Hopper for the Saeco Royal and Magic series of machines. Does not include the lid. Learn More
  2. Saeco Incanto Bean Hopper

    Saeco Incanto Bean Hopper

    The Saeco Incanto Bean Hopper stores your beans until you're ready to start grinding. With the Saeco Incanto Bean Hopper your beans will stay fresh and robust for that ideal espresso shot. Learn More
  3. Baratza Bean Hopper Extension

    Baratza Bean Hopper Extension

    Are you refilling your bean hopper more than you'd like? If you've outgrown your Baratza Grinder's existing hopper, don't fret, Baratza has a bean-hopper extension that adds nine ounces of capacity to your grinder hopper. Another fun feature: The Baratza Bean Hopper Extension is stackable, so you can select as many as you need and pile them high to accommodate your beans. Learn More

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  4. Rancilio Rocky Grinder - Hopper - Blue

    Rancilio Rocky Hopper - Blue

    You say a pack of rabid honey badgers cracked your espresso grinder hopper, and they don't care? When the dust settles, order up a genuine replacement part. The Rancilio Grinder Hopper is a quick and easy do-it-yourself replacement project. Learn More
  5. Baratza Shutoff Hopper with Lid

    Baratza Shutoff Hopper with Lid

    If your hopper's seen better days, check out this update of the old classic. Baratza's Shutoff Hopper puts a convenient new twist on the bean hopper with its built-in bean stopper. With beans still in hopper, twist lever to the closed position and remove hopper from grinder. Learn More
  6. Compak Replacement Bean Hopper - Short

    Compak Replacement Bean Hopper - Short

    Replacement bean hopper for Compak K8 Fresh and K10 Fresh espresso grinders. Short version. Includes black plastic lid. Height 4.5 inches, opening diameter 6.5 inches. Seattle Coffee Gear carries a wide range of replacement parts for espresso machines and grinders. Learn More
  7. Replacement Bean Hopper with Lid for Macap M4

    Replacement Bean Hopper with Lid for Macap M4

    Replacement Bean Hopper with Lid for Macap M4 grinder. Sold entirely assembled, and is not available in individual parts. Learn More
  8. Replacement Bean Hopper - Standard

    Mazzer Grinder Replacement Bean Hopper

    Replacement bean hopper for Mazzer grinders. The hoppers are available for either Mazzer Mini grinders (standard or short heights) or Mazzer Super Jolly grinders. These do not come with a hopper door or a lid. Learn More

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