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Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker Accessories

Brewing great coffee or pulling that perfect shot of crema starts with a great machine, perfectly roasted beans and pure water, but - as with all great things - the devil's in the details. That's where accessories from Seattle Coffee Gear come in!

Need a cup to hold your cuppa? A tamper to pat down your grounds? Or maybe you just need the collection of canisters it'll take to store your growing caffeine obsession? We have everything you need to complement your style of coffee consumption, right down to the best in cleaning products for whatever machine or system you have.

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  1. Update Measured Shot Glass

    Update Measured Shot Glass

    Don't leave the important things to chance! Measure out your morning espresso with Update International's Measured Shot Glass. This easy to read shot glass includes three clearly marked graduated lines that measure in ounce or liter. Learn More
  2. Toddy Replacement Filters - 2 pack

    Toddy Replacement Filters

    Regular Price: $4.50

    Our Price: $3.75

    Once you've used your Toddy 10 - 12 times in the past three months and the reusable filter has seen better days, what's a cold brew lover to do? Purchase Toddy replacement filters of course! Pick up a two pack to use one filter today and save the other for 10 - 12 uses later. Learn More
  3. Melitta Natural Brown Cone Coffee Filters

    Melitta Natural Brown Cone Coffee Filters

    Brew your coffee the natural way with Melitta's Natural Brown Cone Coffee Filters. Available in both #2 and #4 cone size, these chlorine and gluten free filters are kosher certified and double crimped for maximum durability while brewing. Micro fine holes work to release your coffee's full flavor while keeping grounds out of your cup. Learn More
  4. Berlino Stainless Steel Spoon

    Berlino 8-1/4 in Stainless Steel Spoon

    With the 8-inch Berlino drink mixing spoon, you'll be mixing tall lattes or summer drinks without making a mess! Learn More
  5. Pallo Steamy Wanda Steam Wand Cleaning Brush

    Pallo Steamy Wanda Steam Wand Cleaning Brush

    With a name like Steamy Wanda, you might be expecting something...wild. But the Steamy Wanda Steam Wand Cleaning Brush is actually just the best, most comfortable and efficient way to clean your steam wands and portafilter spouts. Heat resistant-bristles and ergonomic handle makes espresso machine cleaning easier and more fun. Learn More
  6. Ascaso Pod Filterbasket - New Style

    Ascaso Pod Filterbasket - New Style

    This Ascaso Pod Filterbasket is a universal pod-style filterbasket that works with a variety of espresso machines. Learn More
  7. Tall Drink Spoon with Cup Clip

    Tall & Twisty Drink Spoon

    The Tall & Twisty drink spoon solves a problem man has been struggling with since the invention of mixed drinks: Where do you put the spoon when you are done stirring? Learn More

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  8. Monin Syrup Pump

    Monin Syrup Pump

    Pump up the jam. Well, the syrup, at least. This Monin Syrup Pump fits 750ml Monin Syrups. Each pump is one shot of syrup and is the easiest way to dispense Monin's gourmet goodness. Note: Individual bottles of Monin Syrup do not include the pump top. Pump tops can be purchased separately. Learn More

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