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One of the most recognized names in the coffee world, Delonghi manufactures excellent super automatic espresso machines, espresso makers, coffee machines and coffee grinders. These machines are all built with the home user in mind, simple features, innovative design and great coffee.

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  1. DeLonghi Lattissima EN520

    DeLonghi Lattissima EN520

    DeLonghi makes it easy to kick back and relax while you wait to enjoy your favorite foamy lattes and cappuccinos. The Lattissima EN520 is a compact machine that does all the work for you without making a mess. Learn More
  2. DeLonghi EcoDecalk Descaler 500 ml

    DeLonghi EcoDecalk Descaler 500 ml

    Hard water can wear your espresso machine down alot sooner than you think, but DeLonghi has a solution: the DeLonghi EcoDecalk Descaler. This 500-mililiter wonder will keep your semi- or superautomatic machine calcium and limescale-free, which increases your coffee machine's lifespan and guarantees a great cup of espresso every time. Featuring all natural biodegradable ingredients, this eco-friendly bottle is also crafted from 50% recycled plastic and is safe for all types of espresso machines. Learn More
  3. DeLonghi EN680.M Lattissima Single-Server Espresso Machine

    DeLonghi EN680.M Lattissima Single Serve Espresso Machine - Metal

    The DeLonghi Lattissima Single-Serve provides delicious cappuccino at the press of a button. Think zero fuss! The Lattissima is a single-serve espresso machine featuring Nespresso capsule functionality, a removable milk reservoir and one-touch cappuccino, espresso and lungo brew options. Learn More
  4. DeLonghi Accessory Kit for Esclusivo Alicia Electric Espresso Maker

    DeLonghi Accessory Kit for Esclusivo Alicia Electric Espresso Maker

    Expand your DeLonghi Alicia Electric Espresso Maker's functionality with this 6-piece accessory kit. Learn More
  5. Delonghi Water Filter for Delonghi Super Automatics

    Delonghi Water Filter for Delonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machines

    Regular Price: $17.99

    Our Price: $14.95

    As low as: $12.95
    Keep the water in your Delonghi Super Automatic fresh and crisp with the replaceable Delonghi Water Filter. This filter will reduce limescale, improve the quality of your coffee and the performance of your machine while all the while giving your machine a longer lifetime. Learn More
  6. Delonghi Coffee Care Kit

    Delonghi Coffee Care Kit

    Keep your Delonghi Super Automatic Espresso Machines in tip top shape with the Delonghi Coffee Care Kit. Learn More
  7. ECAM 23210B

    DeLonghi Magnifica ECAM 23210B Espresso Machine

    The DeLonghi Magnifica ECAM 23210B is one of the most compact superautomatics we have ever seen, but don't let its small size fool you. The Magnifica ECAM 23210B contains many of the features found on much larger and more expensive machines, such as an intuitive interface, removable water tank, automatic three hour shut off and energy saving mode, a professional quality burr grinder and a cup warmer. Learn More

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  8. Delonghi ECAM23210SB Superautomatic Espresso Machine

    DeLonghi ECAM 23210SB Superautomatic Espresso Machine

    Not quite small enough to fit in your pocket, but sized just right for those lacking counter space, the DeLonghi 23210SB Super-Automatic Espresso Machine manages to be compact and still pack quite a punch. Learn More


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