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Equator Coffee

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For 16 years, Equator Coffee’s ethos has been simple: a passion for quality and sustainability drives everything they do. How far do they take this commitment? Not only do they grow their own coffee, but they provide environmentally friendly housing for their workers in Panama, investing as much in their well-being as they do in fine-tuning the perfect bean. Roasting their Geisha varietal in Marin County, CA gives them complete control over quality and flavor-profiles. This organic and fair trade certified company prides themselves on empowering every link of their global supply chain, and we think you can taste the integrity in every cup!

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  1. Equator Coffee Tigerwalk Espresso

    Equator Coffee Tigerwalk Espresso

    A light but fruitful roast, Equator Coffee's Tigerwalk Espresso brings you a tart but sweet espresso blend of beans from Mexico, Guatemala and Rwanda. A balance of sweet and creamy espresso, this blend features a hint of cherry-toned chocolate, strawberries and lemon. Learn More
  2. Equator Coffee Fair Trade Organic Mocha Java

    Equator Coffee Fair Trade Organic Mocha Java

    A complex blend of flavors, the Mocha Java hails tastes from the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and Indonesia. With flavors of aged wood, fruit, bittersweet chocolate and spice, this blend has been highly recommended by many reviewers. Learn More
  3. Equator Coffee Equator Blend

    Equator Coffee Equator Blend

    Giving off tastes from all equatorial regions, the Equator Blend will give you a full bodied flavor with a smooth finish. With notes of cedar, almond, berry and nutmeg, it'll be a world party in your mouth. Learn More
  4. Equator Coffee Fair Trade Organic Jaguar Espresso

    Equator Coffee Fair Trade Organic Jaguar Espresso

    With rich notes of bittersweet chocolate that are supported by caramel and hazelnut accents, Equator's Jaguar Espresso is sure to please the dark roast lover in your life. Learn More
  5. Equator Coffee Equator Espresso

    Equator Coffee Equator Espresso

    With deep notes of chocolate, almond and spice, the Equator Coffee Equator Espresso shares tastes from Brazil, Indonesia, Central America and Africa. This dark roasted blend sets your palate off with hints of dried apricot and a sweet dessert like finish. Learn More


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