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La Cafetiere

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La Cafetiere Coffee Makers

When you think of La Cafetiere, you probably think of the Classic Cafetiere French Press - a design icon that’s still going strong after almost 50 years.

But there's more to them than that. A lot more.

They're constantly exploring new styles and new ways to capture the chic, sophisticated flavors of cafe society so you can experience a little of 'La dolce vita' in the comfort of your own home.

From the art deco flair of Bialetti in northern Italy and the Zen perfection of the Japanese tea house to the leading designers on the UK scene, they work with the best in the world to make your favorite cup a satisfying and stylish experience, every time.

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  1. La Cafetiere Jack Cappuccino Cups-Set of Two

    La Cafetiere Jack Cappuccino Cups - Set of Two

    These hand crafted thermo-glass cups are made from double-walled insulated glass, that keeps drinks hot (or cold) for longer while fitting nicely in your hand. Versatile, minimalistic styling makes them the perfect accessory. Learn More

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  2. La Cafetiere Tea Swizzle - Strainer, Stirrer

    La Cafetiere Tea Swizzle

    Everyone loves swizzle sticks at happy hour! Except the La Cafetiere Tea Swizzle is a stirrer that brews tea while you swizzle it back and forth. Here's a simple way to make a single cup of tea with your favorite black, green or herbal loose leaf teas. Just take the tea swizzle and fill it with your favorite loose leaf tea, slide the cover in place, dunk it in a mug of hot water and you'll be 'swizzling' your way to a hot cup of brewed tea in no time. We won't tell anyone if you add a little nip to your tea cup. La Cafetiere's Tea Swizzle makes a standard 8 ounce mug of tea. Learn More

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  3. La Cafetiere Lexi Bone China Cafetiere - 8 cups

    La Cafetiere Lexi Cafetiere - 8 cups

    La Cafetiere Lexi Bone China Cafetiere is an elegant and sleek 8-cup French press exclusively designed by Alison Appleton. Cafetiere is synonymous with French press in Europe. This French press brings good looks and special features to the table. The silicone lined lid and rim filter eliminate messy sediment and leave great taste. The gorgeous tall slender bone china carafe is lighter weight than its stainless steel counterparts and a seal in the lid keeps the brewed coffee hotter than a glass press pot. Learn More
  4. La Cafetiere Classic French press

    La Cafetiere Classic Cafetiere

    La Cafetiere is so popular and ever-present in Europe that the word Cafetiere is used to mean French press. From its European roots it has now made it's way into U.S. homes. With a sleek yet sturdy look and feel, the Classic model has a chrome-plated finish, glass carafe made of high quality heat-resistant glass and filter and plunger made from stainless steel. Learn More
  5. La Cafetiere Thermique Cafetiere

    La Cafetiere Thermique Cafetiere

    La Cafetiere's Thermique Cafetiere is a French press that is both useful yet sophisticated in style. A double-walled stainless steel body and lid, it will keep coffee hot three times longer than any other conventional Cafetiere. The Thermique Cafetiere is available in convenient 3 and 8 cup sizes. Learn More

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