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Breville Milk Cafe

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Quick Overview

Breville has made life a little easier with its Breville Milk Cafe, an auto-frother tailored specifically for espresso and coffee enthusiasts who want to fulfill that foamy fix quick. Also great for hot chocolate and chai lattes!
Breville Milk Cafe

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Sometimes it takes a lot of work and a skilled hand to achieve that rich velvety goodness you crave in a great latte, cappuccino or macchiato. Instead of hard work, Breville has made life a little easier with its Breville Milk Cafe, an auto-frother tailored specifically for espresso and coffee enthusiasts who want to fulfill that foamy fix quick. How does it work? Your milk is spun into a whirlpool of frothy goodness via induction heating, so you're able to control the temperature and size of your drink, plus the amount of froth or creaminess. But the benefits don't stop there: If you're in the mood for a cold frothy drink, press the "Cold Stir" button and Breville's Milk Cafe will stir up the milk sans heat.

Features & Functionality of the Breville Milk Cafe

  • Stainless Steel Milk Jug: Inner measurement markings and a pouring spout make creating drinks easy and precise.
  • On-Board Disc Storage: Prevents misplacing the discs that control how creamy or frothy the milk can be.
  • Measuring Cap: Measure and add desired ingredients like hot chocolate, cocoa powder, chai tea, syrup, flakes, etc. once mixing has started.
  • Cold Stir Setting: Stirs up milk without warming it.
  • Safety Features: Comes with a standby mode after 30 seconds of non-use and prevents and protects milk from boiling dry or overheating.
  • Hottest Standalone Frother - Not only does the Milk Cafe give you the ability to control the temperature of your milk, but it also tested as one of the hottest auto-frothers, reaching an impressive 170 degrees.
  • Variable Temperature Control - Choose the temperature you want. The Milk Cafe will automatically turn off once the milk has reached that specific heat level.
  • Large Volume - Compared to other auto-frothers, we've determined the Milk Cafe to hold the most capacity — a whopping three cups.
  • Big Footprint - The one negative? This auto-frother takes up a little more space than most compact frothers, but the three cup capacity works well.
Ease of Use 5
Ease of Care and Maintenance 5
Overall Value for the Money 4
How Does it Compare?

The Breville Milk Cafe is the only model with temperature control.

Tips and Tricks

A Note About Coffee & Cups

Let us break it down for you: Although 8 ounces equals a cup in the baking world, a US cup of coffee is measured at 6 ounces and a European cup of coffee is measured at 4.25 ounces. This is why we sometimes list ounces to paint a more accurate picture of capacity.

Model Number BMF600XL
Width 7.0 inches
Depth 7.0 inches
Height 10.0 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 4.5500
Size 3 cup
Material Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Breville

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Breville Milk Cafe
Already Asked: 5 Questions, 25 Answers
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A shopper asked: Hi, I am interested in this product. I like my drink extra hot. When you set this on highest temp is milk really hot? Hot enough for cold weather? Dec 23, 2013
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CA M: Hi, I think the original highest temperature was a promised 170-degrees. I've been using mine daily for years to heat cool brew coffee which is half coffee concentrate and half 2% milk. I measured the temperature on high for you this morning: 168.1-degrees. I've used numerous frothers and this is the best I've found on the market. The stainless steel is a plus for longevity, no unnecessary non-stick coating to peel off. I also use mine for hot chocolate. I've never run into anything that's stuck. Good luck with your purchasing decision. Dec 24, 2013
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William D: I, too, like frothed milk to be quite hot. As a point of reference, I use a Rocket espresso machine to make sure I get really super hot frothed milk when making a latte or cappuccino. The Breville frother I purchased to use when traveling in our little camper. Yes, it does make "hot" milk but not anywhere as hot as with an espresso machine. Not a very scientific answer but hopefully this helps. Would I buy it again? It DOES work as an espresso machine alternative so the answer is "yes". Dec 23, 2013
Reply to William Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Teri KStaff: The Breville Milk Cafe has an adjustment you can use for varying levels of heat, and it is perfect for me, but if you do like your drink extra hot, you still may not be 100% pleased with it. Stand alone frothers are not able to froth quite as hot as you can with a traditional frothing wand, but this Breville unit does a nice job and the temperature adjustment dial on this unit is a great feature! Dec 23, 2013
Reply to Teri Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
patricia t: Yes, I cranked mine up to 160 degrees and measured it with a candy thermometer and got 150 degrees. Plenty hot. I usually shoot for 145 so my milk doesn't smell funky and of course I heat my cup too! Dec 23, 2013
Reply to patricia Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Patricia R: I had another frother that did not make my milk as hot as I like. This one will surely measure up. On the highest setting, I found this was too hot for me. Dec 23, 2013
Reply to Patricia Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Chad K: The final milk temp is not as high as the dial would indicate, but we've never turned it to it's max setting. I don't like the taste of scalded milk. Dec 23, 2013
Reply to Chad Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Kerry V: In my opinion yes. I don't have it even close to its hottest when I make hot chocolate. I LOVE this product! Dec 23, 2013
Reply to Kerry Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
donald h: yes Dec 24, 2013
Reply to donald Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Michelle P asked: Hi.
I'd like to know if I can add sugar to the milk before frothing and still get good froth? I know when I put hot chocolate in I get no froth.
Oct 21, 2013
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Chad K: Hi Michelle,

You will likely have the same problem with sugar as you have had with the hot chocolate mix. Anything that's the least bit gritty in the mixing cup will prevent the foaming spinner from spinning.

We have had luck with this situation by pre-mixing the chocolate mix, sugar, etc to dissolve (at least most of it) into the milk before we start the frothing cycle. Giving everything a good stir first helps a lot and we've been able to froth hot chocolate nicely.

Hope this helps.

Oct 22, 2013
Reply to Chad Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
CA M: The instructions recommend you add powders, etc, after the stirring begins. I make cool brew coffee in mine, mixed with milk. Once it begins to stir I add coffee creamer, which is much like sugar. I also make hot chocolate and once the milk is spinning I add shredded chocolate. It also makes terrific foam. All and all the frother works extremely well. It's also nice to be able to adjust the temperature. My spouse like it hotter than I do. Oct 22, 2013
Reply to CA Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Patricia R: I have not tried putting sugar in the milk. My drink of choice is an unsweetened latte :-) I do love my Breville Milk Cafe. When we travel to FL I take it along with my Nespresso Pixie. A great combo for my morning latte fix! Oct 22, 2013
Reply to Patricia Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Bianca L: I usually wait for the frothing to get started before I add sugar; I use the cappuccino disc. I get a nice thick froth when I do that. Oct 22, 2013
Reply to Bianca Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
adam c: I don't like this product
Takes too long
Aero by nespresso is better
Still no sugar
Oct 22, 2013
Reply to adam Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
patricia t: I have never tried that. I have added a tablespoon of half and half to 1% and gotten a very firm foam! Oct 22, 2013
Reply to patricia Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Oleg R: I always get good froth. I never added sugar though, only Splenda and chunks of 100% chocolate Oct 22, 2013
Reply to Oleg Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: The video shows the cappuccino disc which give quite a bit of foam. Anyone use this machine and have description of what kind of foam you get with the latte disc? Is it anywhere near to a good micro foam ? Apr 11, 2013
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Keith W: The Breville makes excellent micro foam when you limit the amount of milk to the Capp / Latte max line or around 12 ounces. We bought this large capacity frother because nearly every morning I use it to make my wife and I mochas. Filling the Brevillle up to the full 3 cup mark gives a little foam but not much. Please understand in the morning I am hustling to make our breakfast and our 2 mochas before heading off to work so I don't really care about micro foam then. On the weekend it's nice to do the foam. Also, I use a mixture of about 2/3 skim chocolate milk and 1/3 skim white milk and as mentioned, the micro foam is really thick when frothing only enough for one cup. Temp is set at max or around 160 degrees.
I am also very impressed with the Breville's durability. For well over a year it has been in nearly daily use ( keeping up with Silvia and Rocky). When family / friends come over, I have made as many as 6 mochas (3 cycles back to back) with no problems.
I have been very happy with the Breville Milk Cafe frother.
Apr 11, 2013
Reply to Keith Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Victoria S: I have owned the Breville Milk Cafe, and I must say it is perfect. I like foam in my latte, and this machine creates heavy form. With that said, when you pour the milk when finished heating, you can limit the amount of foam in your drink by using a spoon as you pour.

If you want micro foam as I do, this is the machine to buy. It heats to the perfect temperature, which can be controlled.
Apr 11, 2013
Reply to Victoria Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
patricia t: I get great foam with the latte disc. I have not tried cappuccino disc as I get an inch and a half of foam for about 12 oz of 1 percent milk. I also love the temp control. The only thing I notice is sometimes the magnet does not set down to spin so I need to check before pouring milk. Very happy with it! Apr 11, 2013
Reply to patricia Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
L A: Yes, the latte disc provides just the right amount of foam (for our family). Having the Milk Cafe saves a lot of time especially when there are a lot of lattes to make. Apr 11, 2013
Reply to L Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Amy C: I just ordered this, and while it aerates the milk nicely for a latte, it does not do micro foam well. My sense is that it is too aggressive of a whirlpool. Apr 14, 2013
Reply to Amy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Laurie S: The latte disc does give a nice amount of foam. I fill the milk to the 1 cup line. It is perfect for a latte. I have only used non-fat milk. Apr 11, 2013
Reply to Laurie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Kerry V: Not very much at all. It is perfect for me:) Apr 11, 2013
Reply to Kerry Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: What kind of milk is best to use in the breville milk frother? Apr 1, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Teri KStaff: You can use any milk you'd like in the Breville Milk Cafe, but alternative milks like Soy and Almond have a less stable froth (the bubbles dissipate pretty quickly), as will chocolate milk. We generally use plain 2% milk with great results. Apr 1, 2013
Reply to Teri Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
CA M: The less fat in the milk the higher the foam volume. Skim milk works best and up to 2% works well enough, but beyond that the results diminishes beyond practical. Dec 25, 2013
Reply to CA Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Yoseph G asked: Kind of similar to the previous question, can you make latte art with the steamed milk from this milk frother? Thank yoU! May 27, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Teri KStaff: It is very difficult to get good foam for latte art from a stand alone frother like this Breville Milk Cafe, because latte art does require a good "wet-paint" consistency froth, with neither too many or too few bubbles. For this reason, it will be pretty difficult to get nice results with your latte art with this frother, unfortunately. May 27, 2013
Reply to Teri Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)

Looking for warranty, care information, or videos of this product? You're in the right place!


Warranty Information for the Breville Milk Cafe


What it Covers:

Breville espresso machines, grinders and blenders


1 Year on New Equipment

6 month Manufacturer Warranty on Refurbished Models

Who Supports the Warranty: Breville USA
Warranty Contact Information: 866-273-8455
Notes: Please register your product with Breville for warranty support.
Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? Yes (Excludes YouBrew)
Can SCG Repair? Yes. Read more about our out-of-warranty repair services.

Caring for the Breville Milk Cafe

  • Rinse carafe with soap and warm water after every use
  • Dishwasher safe

User Manuals for your Breville Milk Cafe

Videos Featuring the Breville Milk Cafe

Recipe: Snowball

Frothing Soy Milk in Auto Frothers

Brilliant frother!

Review by

I can't count how many frothers I have tried over the years, and none of them has been the equal of the Breville. I had searched and searched for a "best " frother and after reading the reviews here and elsewhere, I thought I'd give Breville a try. I'm delighted I did - I highly recommend it!

(Posted on 8/5/13)


Review by

It works great, and washes up great!

(Posted on 4/11/13)

Works well

Review by

It is a little big on the counter but very quality and I like the temperature control and the fact that you can do two cups at once. It does take about 5 minutes to do two cups. The foam is divine!

(Posted on 3/3/13)

Best Frother I've found!

Review by

I'm not new to individual frothers, and this one is the best I've found. The quality is superb, very sturdy. It's stainless steel, so no non-stick surface to peel. It's large enough you won't get spill-overs, as I've experienced with other frothers. Plus this one actually gets the liquid hot instead of just above lukewarm. Wish it had more measurements lists on the pitcher, I add things in 1/4 cup (2-ozs) increments.

Note: you need to pour it immediately on completion—when the foam is at its peek—or foam bubbles rapidly expand and deflate. Then again that could depend upon what milk % you are using. I tend to use 1% as opposed to skim.

(Posted on 8/12/12)

Milk Cafe is a nice addition to

Review by

I think the milk cafe is a nice addition because it is relatively quiet (compared to the steamer)and you can heat the milk at the same time you are brewing the coffee. The only drawback I see is that the mixer blade is driven indirectly by magnetism and is not a direct drive. Therefore, it lacks power and even a small amount of sugar can stop the mixer. I get around that by adding the sugar to the coffee and not to the milk.

Quiet, Easy To Clean, Easy To Use


(Posted on 4/25/12)

Really Fast and EZ to clean

Review by

I bought the Exprelia super auto, but we never use the automatic frothing functions or the steam wand. Add a little milk to the Breville, push the button and it is ready in about the same time it takes the Exprelia to pull a shot...maybe 25 seconds. The crew review showed it taking a long time, but with a single serving and the thermostat set to the middle position it is fast.

It is 10 times easier to maintain than the automatic function of the Exprelia. When you are done, just rinse out the carafe. Every few days we throw it in the dish washer. The frothing performance is really as good as a steam wand and a lot easier and faster. We use it every day and it still looks brand new after a year.

Easy To Use, Comparable to steam wand, Easy To Clean, Commercial Grade

Not a single complaint

(Posted on 3/27/12)

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