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Coffee Catcha Dosing Tool

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Make a mess when you grind into your portafilter? The Coffee Catcha tool is designed to keep coffee in your portafilter and off your counter top, preventing wastage and ensuring a consistent dose every time.
Coffee Catcha Dosing Tool

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  • Coffee Catcha Dosing Tool
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Make a mess when you grind into your portafilter? The Coffee Catcha tool is designed to keep coffee in your portafilter and off your counter top, ensuring a consistent dose every time. Perfect for home use or commercial applications, this tool can dramatically reduce coffee wastage. On average, 2 pounds of coffee for every 25 pounds used (roughly 8 percent) is saved using the Coffee Catcha.

How the Coffee Catcha Works

  • Place the Coffee Catcha on top of the portafilter
  • Lightly press your thumb on the handle to keep it in place
  • Grind coffee normally into portafilter
  • If using a doserless grinder, simply tamp through the Coffee Catcha into the portafilter
  • If using a grinder with doser, the tool's funnel will stop grinds from pouring over the edge of the portafilter
  • Twist the Coffee Catcha and push excess grinds back into dosing chamber to prevent wastage
  • Tamp through the tool and insert into brew head
  • No mess, less waste - The stainless steel funnel performs beautifully, especially with doserless grinders.
  • Pricey - It will take longer to realize any coffee cost savings when using this tool at home versus in a high-volume commercial environment.
  • Works best with 58mm portafilters - Gaps will be present when used with smaller portafilters.
Ease of Use 4
Ease of Care and Maintenance 4
Width 5.75 inches
Depth 3.25 inches
Height .75 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 0.3100
Material Stainless Steel

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Coffee Catcha Dosing Tool
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Miles G asked: Why is this product so expensive? Is it worth it, does it feel like a good value when it is in your hands? May 28, 2014
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David T: I am up in the air about it. It is a solid tool, pure polished metal, and it helps UP TO A POINT, but it's taking a LONG TIME to pay itself off in terms spilt coffee saved. Is it worth $80.00? NO,I THINK MAYBE ABOUT $35.00 (AND THAT'S PUSHING IT!!!) but you know how obsessive we coffee/espresso lovers can get about it once we have had perfection. I have finally learned to pull great, maybe even perfect, shots with some consistency now that I have down some things about my Rancilio Silvia V3 and Rocky Grinder (doserless model) like proper water temp, grind coarseness and tamping pressure's mutual relationship. An $80.00 "Clicking" tamper to tell me when I reach the right tamping pressure wasn't so much help at all either, except to tell me that I REALLY had to learn these things for myself, not because some little device was helping me and preventing me from seeing what I could REALLY KNOW BY DOING IT MYSELF.
So all in all, not really, though I may go back and try it again now that I have told you this. I consider what I have spent on these "helps" as money I had to pay to learn I don't need these things in the first place, and I really have to learn the basics and master them like anyone else. But in the end, you will have to make up your own mind.
May 28, 2014
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Peter P: This kind of gadget is invaluable for not making a mess and not wasting any coffee. I just made a funnel by cutting the bottom off a yogurt cup to size to fit inside the top of my portafilter. Tamp down the coffee gently that is piled high over the rim of the portafilter and you can then remove the funnel and finish tamping. I don't waster any coffee and grind by weight, but the fluffy grinds mound higher than the portafilter lip so a makeshift funnel works great.

A lightweight polished aluminum funnel would be nice but without a handle which will make it unsteady.
Aug 2, 2014
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John B: It's heavier than it looks and very solid. It's basically a funnel, so you'll lose fewer grinds when you hold your portafilter under your grinder's output spout.

It's made to work with 53 mm filters. The handle is flat, but you might have to bend it down a bit so that you can hold the the handle and portafilter handle in one hand.

Is it worth it? It depends on how much you hate cleaning up :-). There's almost no loss when you use it right. Of course I'm very imaginative when it comes to dumping coffee on the counter, but that's another story.
May 28, 2014
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Steven L: I work in a coffee shop that uses a Mazzer doserless Robur that the static screens clumped up the coffee grounds. So we removed it but in doing so sprayed coffee everywhere. The coffee catcha really helped in this issue as we do about 100 drinks an hour during peak times.

The metal gram weight is heavy so it fits snug on a portafilter. You can also tamp with the catcha on the portafilter so it's handy.
May 28, 2014
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David S: Yes, this is expensive.
It works very well.
It keeps the grinder area much cleaner.
The fit and finish are great for the metal, but the black rubber dip coating is just ok. I would prefer a silicon insulator or something else covering the handle for the high price.
One is paying for the machining of the funnel, it fits nicely for a Rancillo Silva.
I would purchase this again.
Jun 3, 2014
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Cameron P: The product is well made, but it's application is as basic as a funnel that sits atop a 58 mm portafilter. It's expensive because it is a specialty product. There are competing products out there, which may or may not be available when you look for them. I use this every day, it will last forever, and it was available when I wanted it. Worth, in this case is a question of the value of my time. May 28, 2014
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Great idea but overpriced

Review by

The concept and execution of this NZ designed dosing tool is excellent. It stops all the overflow mess from grinding AND allows you to get a proper/more regular dose - immediately my espressos were improved. In fact, this is probably the second most significant addition to my Breville Dual Boiler ­ the first being the Breville knock box. But the price?I It's very
well made (albeit in China) but $79 is excessive - yet in terms of my significant other not yelling at the mess around the grinder ­it is priceless following the old maxim, if you have to ask the price you can¹t afford it. For $35 or even $40 this would be a steal, at 79 it is expensive but indispensable.

(Posted on 6/6/14)

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