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Coffee makers magically mix hot water and fresh coffee grounds, but many variables effect how your cup of coffee ultimately turns out. We post real reviews and information to help you select the right preparation to satisfy your coffee cravings.

From fully automated coffee makers to hands-on manual control, Seattle Coffee Gear carries a wide variety of coffee makers. Choose from French press pots, stovetop makers, pour overs and a fine selection of drip coffee brewers to make your next cup of coffee your best cup of coffee.

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  1. AeroPress Coffee Maker

    AeroPress Coffee Maker

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    Our Price: $25.95

    The AeroPress is an entirely new way to make coffee. A wide range of tasters from coffee professional and author Kenneth Davids to serious and not-so-serious coffee aficionados all praise the smooth, rich flavor. Other coffee makers drip hot water on a bed of grounds which over-extracts at the center and under-extracts at the edge. The AeroPress is micro-filtered for grit free coffee unlike French press style coffee makers. Learn More
  2. Bodum Shin Bistro Coffee Press - 8 Cup

    Bodum Shin Bistro Coffee Press - 8 Cup

    Just the facts ma'am...without unnecessary bells and whistles. The Shin Bistro coffee maker creates a consistent French press coffee every morning (and night, for those real coffee junkies). Tastefully appointed with features like an exposed brew chamber and stay-cool handle, this dishwasher-safe coffee press is ideal for every day use. Learn More

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  3. La Cafetiere Classic French press

    La Cafetiere Classic Cafetiere

    La Cafetiere is so popular and ever-present in Europe that the word Cafetiere is used to mean French press. From its European roots it has now made it's way into U.S. homes. With a sleek yet sturdy look and feel, the Classic model has a chrome-plated finish, glass carafe made of high quality heat-resistant glass and filter and plunger made from stainless steel. Learn More

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