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Zoka Coffee

Zoka Coffee Roasters

Well-known Seattle based Zoka Coffee has produced crowd-pleasing coffee and espresso roasts for its own local cafes since 1996. Zoka owner Jeff Babcock sources the majority of the coffee beans from direct trade growers in Central and South America. These coffee beans are carefully selected to his specifications and then small batch roasted.

Bring café quality Zoka coffee beans home in a range of flavor profiles, freshly roasted just for you. Popular Zoka offerings include a light drip called Tangletown, a rich espresso called Paladino and many coffee beans in between. Try them all!

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  1. Zoka Coffee - Espresso Paladino Blend - 12 ounces

    Zoka Coffee - Espresso Paladino Blend - 12 ounces

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    Zoka Coffee's award winning Espresso Paladino is a blend of five coffees. Proven in barista competitions world wide, Espresso Paladino creates a consistent espresso experience shot after shot. The flavor profile has a rich, honey-body with the subtle taste of baker's chocolate and walnuts. Learn More
  2. Zoka Coffee Fitzroy's Blend

    Zoka Coffee - Fitzroy's Blend - 12 ounces

    In a town known for deep dark drip coffee, Zoka Coffee created a standout in Fitzroy's Blend. It has the requisite notes of intense dark chocolate and smoke, but transformed into a medium-bodied coffee. There is a fine acidity present with a sweet and persistent aftertaste. Learn More
  3. Zoka Coffee Tangletown Blend

    Zoka Coffee - Tangletown Blend - 12 ounces

    Zoka Coffee's Tangletown Blend is the ideal breakfast blend. It is a balanced roast that contains Central American coffees grown at high altitude which makes for a concentrated flavor. The cup combines a delicious aroma with a palate pleasing flavor and a bright acidity that leaves your mouth refreshed and wanting more. Learn More
  4. Zoka Coffee Tuscan Blend

    Zoka Coffee - Tuscan Blend - 12 ounces

    Zoka Coffee's Tuscan Blend is a dark roast with smoky, dark chocolate notes and a sweet finish. It is smooth (smooooth, perhaps with 4 O's for emphasis) with no bitterness and has quite a caffeinated kick at the end. It makes for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up for those who need a little extra help getting through the day. Learn More
  5. Zoka Coffee Organic Espresso Cuatro

    Zoka Coffee - Organic Espresso Cuatro - 12 ounces

    Popular Seattle-based roaster Zoka Coffee offers two distinct espresso blends to choose from, Espresso Paladino and Organic Espresso Cuatro. The Organic Espresso Cuatro is not an organic version of Paladino, it stands on its own and has a very different flavor profile. Zoka Coffee created an espresso blend of four organic coffees (hence the name!) Learn More
  6. Zoka Coffee - Zoka Java Blend

    Zoka Coffee - Zoka Java Coffee Blend - 12 ounces

    Zoka Coffee brings a new twist to the classic Mocha Java blend in their signature Zoka Java interpretation. As one of the most well known and historic coffee blends, how does Zoka Coffee, a small artisan roaster in Seattle, improve upon perfection? Zoka took the flavor profile and re-imagined it with what is available now in sustainable agriculture. Learn More

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