Coffee & Tea 101 | Infographics

Coffee 101 GuideSome of us are just more visually inclined and enjoy gorgeous graphics in lieu of -- or in addition to! -- explanatory text. If you're picking up what we're laying down, then SCG's well-crafted Infographics are designed just for you!

Coffee 101

  • Directory of Espresso Drinks - Cappuccino, latte, macchiato, oh my! In addition to the wide array of coffees available in the world, there's also a variety of delicious drinks with which you can make with your favorite coffee. Check out this infographic for a visual guide to the ingredients in sixteen popular espresso drinks.
  • A Brief History of Espresso - Ever wonder how our beloved espresso came to be? This infographic traces its history from the first machine to present day.
  • How to Pull the Perfect Shot - We think espresso is a lot like jazz: Before you can improvise with the greats, you've got to learn your scales. Get tips, tricks and basic theory in this infographic.
  • Life Cycle of a Coffee Bean - Ever wonder about the journey your favorite coffee made from the plantation to your cup? This fun infographic boils it all down for you in a rather fetching visual design.
  • What is Crema? - This oft-referenced and highly sought after substance is a bit misunderstood, so we developed this infographic to cover all the basics.

Maintenance Tips

  • Guide to BackflushingThis step-by-step info graphic to backflushing walks you through how to keep your espresso machine squeaky clean!

Shopping Tools

  • How Much will You Save? - Once you've invested in your espresso gear, how much money will you save by crafting your java at home? This handy table breaks down annual savings for you.