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Visit our Seattle Coffee Gear Store in Lynnwood, Washington!

We're Moving! Starting in late October, our Lynnwood store will be located within the Alderwood Mall at 3000 184th Street SW, Suite 951. Want to stay in-the-know about grand opening events for the store? Sign up for the events list »

Retail Store

  • Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm | Sunday, 12pm - 5pm (pacific)
  • Address: 6911 216th St SW, Suite A | Lynnwood WA | 98036
  • Phone: 206-774-3164

Repair Center Hours

Home to our main repair center and customer support department, our Lynnwood location is a hoppin' place to be! In addition to featuring our full range of products, all available for demo, you'll have the opportunity to chat with some of the coolest coffee people we know. Yes, we might be a bit biased, but we think you'll agree with our assessment after they hook you up with the perfect espresso machine or coffee maker for your needs. Curious about who you'll be interacting with? Read on!

Our Lynnwood Retail Team

Sean Dezarn 

Superpowers: Buying advice, retail customer service

Digs: Long boarding, cycling, backpacking

Drinks: Odwalla Superfood

Haley Brown

Superpowers: Buying advice, retail customer service

Digs: Yoga, cooking, playing with Henry the dog (arf!)

Drinks: Americano

Teri Kopas

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, customer service

Digs: Painting, baking bread, crafts

Drinks: Cold club soda ... or an Americano

Miranda Godfrey

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, customer service

Digs: Baking, photography, travel

Drinks: Peppermint latte

Tresa McHerron 

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, customer service

Digs: Painting, rollerskating, reading science fiction (all at the same time)

Drinks: Breve chai tea

Our Repair, Warranty Support and Technical Services Team

Bryan Arndt

Superpowers: Excellent espresso machine repair

Digs: Billiards, playing with Henry the dog (arf!) and of course coffee

Drinks: Americano or espresso

Jeff Hangas

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Cycling, photography, hiking

Drinks: Huckleberry milkshake

Brian Fetters

Superpowers: Repair and refurbished services

Digs: Restoring cars, spending time with family, long road trips

Drinks: Chocolatey Mocha

Amanda Howard

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Outdoor adventures, shows, mini road trips

Drinks: Smoothies!

Patrick Crogan

Superpowers: Grumpy Cat of espresso machine repair

Digs: Hockey, guitar, playing with his dog

Drinks: Mocha

Hattie Ellis

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Painting canvases, jogging, yoga, singing

Drinks: White chocolate caramel mocha

Jeremiah Godfrey

Superpowers: Machine repair and wearer of funny t-shirts

Digs: Hunting, hiking, camping

Drinks: White chocolate + peanut butter latte

Clint Hopke

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Ping pong, getting yolked, and playing with my beagle

Drinks: Vanilla Milkshake

William Jansen

Superpowers: Machine repair & refurbishment, QA

Digs: Paintball, playing & watching football, cars

Drinks: Straight up, black drip coffee

Dylan Kline

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing

Drinks: Smoothies

Brendan Swenson

Superpowers: Parts Department Guru

Digs: Playing the drums & the piano, running

Drinks: French press, Chemex

Jessie Lind

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Guitar, painting, reading

Drinks: Dirty Chai

Ryan Davis

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Soccer, reading, cooking up a storm

Drinks: Coffee, straight up

Monica Seaford

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Horseback riding, camping, shopping

Drinks: White chocolate mocha

Scott Kirstein

Superpowers: Service writer extraordinaire

Digs: Gardening, working on cars, spending time with family

Drinks: Iced mocha

Tyler Maxwell

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: All things football, hanging with friends, attending concerts

Drinks: Gatorade, all the way!

JT Martin

Superpowers: Super service writer

Digs: Bicycling, martial arts, camping

Drinks: Good ol' drip coffee

Lena Jernigan

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Reading, boardgames, movies with friends

Drinks: Dirty Hippie