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  1. H2 Display for Baratza Vario

    H2 Display for Baratza Vario Grinder

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    Our Price: $15.00

    This quick fix for older Baratza Vario Espresso Grinders incorporates two great features, memory and sleep mode. Learn More

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  2. Baratza Bean Hopper Extension

    Baratza Bean Hopper Extension

    Are you refilling your bean hopper more than you'd like? If you've outgrown your Baratza Grinder's existing hopper, don't fret, Baratza has a bean-hopper extension that adds nine ounces of capacity to your grinder hopper. Another fun feature: The Baratza Bean Hopper Extension is stackable, so you can select as many as you need and pile them high to accommodate your beans. Learn More

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  3. Baratza Esatto Weight Operation Panel

    Baratza Esatto Weight Operation Panel

    Do you have in your possession a Maestro Plus, Virtuoso or Preciso? Well maybe it's time to jazz up these grinders with the Baratza Esatto, an accessory that gives your grinder the ability to grind precise dosages of coffee using real-time weight based control. Learn More
  4. Baratza Portaholder

    Baratza Portaholder

    You've invested in the Baratza Maestro, Maestro Plus, or Virtuoso espresso grinders, but that doesn't mean you need to be quite so hands on. Free your hands to prep your cups or grab more syrups while your beans grind with this innovative, new PortaHolder. Insert the PortaHolder in the grounds bin slot, insert a portafilter, set the grind time and walk away. The PortaHolder is easily adjusted to fit any home or commercial portafilter, and is designed to make cleanup a snap. Learn More
  5. Baratza Maestro Coffee Grinder - Knob (Parallel Connection)

    Baratza Maestro Knob - Parallel Connection

    Baratza Maestro Knob (Parallel Connection) Learn More
  6. Baratza Forte Portaholder

    Baratza Forte Portaholder

    Growing a third hand can be difficult. Instead, let Baratza free the two you currently have with their Forte-Vario portaholder. This sturdy portaholder is designed for the Vario and Forte-AP flat burr grinder and adjusts to fit any portafilter. Added bonus – this portaholder comes standard with the Forte-AP. Learn More

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