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Seattle Coffee Gear: Espresso Machine Parts

Seattle Coffee Gear offers a wide array of parts for both home customers and service centers. In general, we offer only external parts to home customers, but we have developed a series of Tune-Up Kits to assist with the regular care and maintenace of machines made by Ascaso, Rancilio and Saeco.

Additionally, we are the primary parts importer and distributor for Saeco equipment in the United States. To find the part you need and request it for your service center, please visit our Parts Request Form. You can also use this form to request parts from other manufacturers such as Rancilio or Rocket Espresso and our Parts team will let you know if we are able to source it for you.

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  1. Rocket Espresso Water Reservoir Filter

    Rocket Espresso Water Reservoir Filter

    With the Rocket Espresso Water Reservoir Filter you'll have crisp clean water with the right amount of minerals to extract a tasty espresso shot. Learn More
  2. 58mm Bottomless Portafilter for Rocket Models

    58mm Bottomless Portafilter for Rocket Models

    Regular Price: $69.95

    Our Price: $59.95

    If you haven't seen the coloration that comes out of a bottomless portafilter, you are really missing out. This unique way to extract shots with the 58mm Bottomless Portafilter for Rocket Giotto and Rocket Cellini models offers a great view into the process as rich hues of brown come waterfalling out from underneath your brewhead unit. Learn More
  3. Rocket Espresso Accessory Steam Tips

    Rocket Espresso Accessory Steam Tips - Set of Four

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Our Price: $24.95

    Upgrade and experiment with different steaming techniques using this set of four replacement steam wand tips. Made exclusively by Rocket Espresso, these designs will fit most Rocket machines, excluding the R58. Learn More
  4. Double portafilter for Rocket Espresso machines

    Double Portafilter for Rocket Espresso Machines

    The portafilter for many espresso machines is the most handled element in the brewing process, so it's a good idea to have a spare one on hand in case you need a replacement or if you frequently switch between single and double shot filter baskets. This heavy-duty portafilter features rugged chrome plated brass construction with a durable plastic handle. Use with any single or double shot Rocket 58mm filter basket (not included); fits all Rocket models. Made in Italy. Learn More
  5. Rocket Double Filter Basket - 12g

    Rocket Double Filter Basket -12grams

    A 12 gram capacity double filter basket fits the Rocket Espresso portafilters and E61 brewhead configuration. Learn More
  6. Rocket Giotto Cup Warmer Rail

    Rocket Giotto Cup Warmer Rail

    Rocket Espresso makes a replacement cup rail for the Giotto. It sets on top of the espresso machine to corral the cups in place as they are pre-warmed there. There is an alternate stainless steel upgrade to be had if you like your machine to look as good as it brews. Learn More
  7. Rocket Brew Head Gasket 8mm

    Rocket Brew Head Gasket

    The Rocket Brew Head Gasket seals the portafilter to the machine and keeps the pressure where you want it — on the puck! This is an OEM gasket direct from Rocket. It's 8mm thick, which is the size that ships with new Rocket machines. Learn More
  8. Rocket Drip Tray Grate

    Rocket Drip Tray Grate

    Rocket Drip Tray Grate is compatible with either the Giotto or Cellini style drip trays. While the exterior dimensions of those two models are different, the insert is the same size on either model. Fits all current Rocket models and measures 10.125 inches by 5.375 inches. Learn More
  9. Rocket Espresso Steam / Water Knob - Espresso Machine Parts

    Rocket Steam / Water Knob

    Rocket Steam / Water Knob is a replacement part for your Rocket Espresso Evoluzione. It works as part of the steam or water assembly as they both use this as the knob base. This part requires other parts to go with it like the cover and the clip cover so make sure you order replacements to match your needs. Learn More
  10. Rocket Espresso Knob Clip

    Rocket Espresso Knob Clip

    The Rocket Espresso Knob Clip is an itty-bitty replacement part that works within the steam and water assembly on Rocket Espresso Evoluzione and other compatible models. Learn More

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