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Seattle Coffee Gear: Espresso Machine Parts

Seattle Coffee Gear offers a wide array of parts for both home customers and service centers. In general, we offer only external parts to home customers, but we have developed a series of Tune-Up Kits to assist with the regular care and maintenace of machines made by Ascaso, Rancilio and Saeco.

Additionally, we are the primary parts importer and distributor for Saeco equipment in the United States. To find the part you need and request it for your service center, please visit our Parts Request Form. You can also use this form to request parts from other manufacturers such as Rancilio or Rocket Espresso and our Parts team will let you know if we are able to source it for you.

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  1. Saeco Incanto Espresso Machine - Door Latch

    Saeco Incanto Door Latch

    Shut the front door! Saeco Incanto Door Latch is a plastic replacement latch for the Saeco Incanto superautomatic espresso machine's front door. Learn More

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  2. Saeco Incanto Water Tank Lid - Clear

    Saeco Incanto Water Tank Lid - Clear

    This replacement part is for the Saeco Incanto Water Tank. It is a clear plastic lid, rather than the blue or the gray tinted parts Saeco also makes. So, if an overexcited octopus cracked your current water tank lid then you are in luck, and this is the place to get a new one. Learn More
  3. Saeco Cup Warmer Rail for Incanto Models

    Saeco Cup Warmer Rail

    If your Saeco Incanto espresso machine comes with cup rails it is time to get out your tape measure. With an exterior measurement of 7.875 inches, this cup warmer rail fits many Saeco models. Used to keep your cups in place while they heat up on top of your espresso machine. Learn More
  4. Saeco Incanto Drip Tray Float

    Saeco Incanto Drip Tray Float

    The Saeco Incanto Drip Tray Float is a red plastic piece that resides in your machine's drip tray and will visibly warn you that your drip tray is full and ready to be dumped when it floats to the top. Learn More
  5. Saeco Incanto Espresso Machine - Water Tank Handle

    Saeco Incanto Water Tank Handle

    Snapping on both sides of the water tank, the Saeco Incanto Water Tank Handle makes removing your water tank easier. Just pull up on the handle and your water tank will slide right out. Learn More
  6. Saeco Incanto Espresso Machine - SBS Preground Lid

    Saeco Incanto SBS Preground Lid

    The Saeco Incanto SBS Preground Lid is a gray plastic lid that covers the chute where you have the option to use pre-ground espresso on the Incanto SBS superautomatic espresso machine model. Learn More

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