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Visit our Seattle Coffee Gear Store in Portland, Oregon!

  • Hours: 10am - 6pm, Daily
  • Address: 26 NW 23rd Place | Portland OR | 97210
  • Phone: 503-224-1415
  • Events: Learn more about store events by signing up for our Portland email list.
  • Repairs: On-site tune-ups are our speciality! We can also check in machines for more complicated repairs that we'll bring back to our headquarters for some TLC.

Our name may be Seattle Coffee Gear, but let's be real - we love coffee no matter where we are! So, if you stop by our Portland location, you'll get all of the machine demoing and coffee talking you can handle. Plus, you can check out our selection of coffee from local Portland roasters. Curious about the folks you'll be interfacing with at Seattle Portland Coffee Gear? Let the introductions begin!

Our Portland Retail Team

Christie Stagg

Superpowers: Merchandising, managing, buying advice

Digs: Hiking, cycling, cooking

Drinks: Dry cappuccino

Celine Goodbody

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, retail customer service

Digs: Opera (watching, composing, all forms!), soccer, traveling

Drinks: Cafe con Panna

Joseph Kalal

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, retail customer service

Digs: Baking, reading, creating puzzles

Drinks: Medium roast pour over

Ryan Segura

Superpowers: Buying advice, customer service

Digs: Cooking, painting, dirt bike riding

Drinks: Latte

Darlene Zimbardi

Superpowers: Buying advice, customer service

Digs: Traveling in their vanagon with her family (dogs and hubby), knitting, writing

Drinks: Americano with ice cream from her grandma's stovetop

Bret Brown

Superpowers: Buying advice, customer service

Digs: Creating electronic music, riding his bicycle, hanging out with his two large cats (Keith and Brutus)

Drinks: Americano or ristrettos

Charles (Chuck) Hof 

Superpowers: Machine troubleshooting & repair

Digs: Sailing, cooking, quilting

Drinks: French press (but loves to experiment with different methods!)