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Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus - V2

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer

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Simply the best? We think so. The Rocket Giotto Premium Plus V2 is the pinnacle of the prosumer class of semi-automatic espresso machines. Giotto features a polished stainless-steel and simple design, plus the E-61 brew group and powerful steaming capability to make ideal espresso shots. The upgraded Giotto Premium Plus V2 includes a copper insulated boiler for efficient heat stability, dual manometers to sense brewhead pressure, one of the quietest rotary pumps in existence and a high-quality metal tamper.
Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus - V2

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Simply the best? We think so. The Rocket Giotto Premium Plus V2 is the pinnacle of the prosumer class of semi-automatic espresso machines. Giotto features a polished stainless steel and simple design, plus the E-61 brew group and powerful steaming capability to make ideal espresso shots. The upgraded Giotto Premium Plus V2 includes a copper-insulated boiler for efficient heat stability, dual manometers to sense brewhead pressure and a high-quality metal tamper.

Features & Functionality of the Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus

  • Insulated Boiler: Increases heat retention and thermal stability resulting in greater energy efficiency.
  • Copper Boiler: A 1.8 liter copper boiler retains the thick lead-free brass and plates and is now wrapped in a special insulating blanket. This reflects up to a 30 percent increase in thermal stability and energy savings of up to 22 percent.
  • Twin Manometers: A display for both pump and boiler pressure allows you to fully understand the extraction parameters.
  • Upgraded Tamper: These machines now include a metal tamper and are now up to par with the style and quality of the Rocket machine.
  • Stainless Steel Case: Finely crafted polished AISI 304 stainless-steel housing is beautiful and highly durable.
  • Professional-Class E-61 Brew Head: The legendary E-61 brew group features a solid, lead-free brass end plate that aids in thermal stability and heat retention.
  • Dual Pre-Infusion System: Mechanical pre-infusion system has a progressively working piston and static pre-infusion chamber, resulting in smooth coffee extraction and superior aroma, body and crema.
  • Vibratory Pump: Pump features a special device to eliminate backpressure from the boiler, preventing blocks.
  • Stainless Steel Nozzles: Steam wand with a two-hole tip and hot water wand are internally insulated so you won't burn yourself on them after use.
  • Removable Cup Rack: You can pull off the cup rack to reduce the espresso machine's height.
  • Large, Easy-Access Water Reservoir: Easily access the 98-ounce water reservoir via the separate lid — you won't have to take all the cups off the top of your espresso machine in order to refill it.
  • Low Water Sensor: Level control cuts the power circuit if water is low, with a microprocessor that automatically controls the level of the boiler and water reservoir. A low water level warning will let you know when you need to refill.
  • Generously Dimensioned: 20 percent higher volume (compared to other machines on the market) is paired with optimum thermosyphon system to quickly heat up and provide superior extraction.
  • Handcrafted: Each machine is unique and hand crafted in Italy. Small warps in the case are normal and part of each machine's unique assembly process.
  • Copper-Plated Boiler - Increases thermal stability and gives you higher energy savings.
  • Ideal Shots - The Premium Plus pulls an excellent shot of espresso.
  • No Burn Wands - Internally insulated steam wand and water dispenser keep the casing cool so you won't burn your hands.
  • Small Drip Tray - The drip tray is on the tiny side, so it fills up quite easily (though this could be a good thing).
  • Water Dispenser Design - When you turn the water dispenser inwards, it obstructs the brew lever, which is only a minor annoyance.
Ease of Use 3
Overall Value for the Money 5
How Does it Compare? The Premium Plus produces a perfect shot and steams milk like a pro, but it is not plumbable and features a vibratory pump.
Model Number RE78253A11
Manufacturer Rocket Espresso
Width With Cup Rail: 13.0 inches | Without Cup Rail: 13.0 inches
Depth With Cup Rail: 17.0 inches | Without Cup Rail: 17.0 inches
Height With Cup Rail: 16.5 inches | Without Cup Rail: 15.0 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 46.3100
Watts 1200W
Case Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Material Brass/Copper
Boiler Volume 1.8 liter
Reservoir Size 98 oz
Solenoid Valve Yes
Cup Warmer Yes
Available Portafilters Non-Pressurized
Boiler Design Heat Exchanger
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes
Material Stainless Steel

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Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus - V2
Already Asked: 5 Questions, 12 Answers
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A shopper asked: How quickly does the Rocket take to warm up? I'm usually up and out the door in the morning in under 20-25 minutes and I'm able to make a Latte with the machine I currently own and looking to replace in that time. Also, it would be good to know and plan around this time when entertaining. Also, what do most owners recommend and do relative to turning on; leave on during the day when it is most likely to be used or turn on prior to use and turn off immediately afterwards? Jul 28, 2013
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Martin K: The machine takes about 15 minutes to warm up but I think you could pull a shot after 10. I turn it on first thing in the morning on weekends and only make one cup. So I turn it off when done. If I have company over and may make more coffee, I leave it on. It also dispenses hot water for tea, soup, oatmeal, etc. All in all, this is a fantastic machine and I can make great espresso every time. I would highly recommend it. Be sure that you have a grinder that can give you consistent results. This is important. Jul 30, 2013
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Paul R: Thanks! This was helpful. Aug 4, 2013
Derek T: I use a Lutron Radio Ra 2 appliance module as part of my lighting system to power up the Espresso machine daily. While thats a fairly complex and expensive option for this task any quality 15A timer could be used to accomplish the same basic result. The Rocket machines use a latching power switch so you just leave the rocket's power switch on and control it via an external timer or remotely operated switch. The end result my Rocket is up and awake before I am! Jul 31, 2013
Reply to Derek Good answer? Yes (3) No (1)
Michael L: It takes about 15 minutes to warm up but you should ideally give it at least 30. I agree with what Martin K says, a good grinder is more important than the espresso machine. I recommend the Baratza Vario. Jul 31, 2013
Reply to Michael Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Robert T: My Rocket is fairly stable in 20-30 minutes. You can pick up a timer from a hardware store rated for the machine's current for about fifteen bucks. Set it to turn on an hour before and it will be good to go. Aug 8, 2013
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Jack D asked: I live at 7500ft above sea level. Currently I use a Bialetti Cafe Cafe that is 30 years old. Is this machine good at altitude and is it for home use. I make 4-8 latte's per day? Jun 23, 2013
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Paul R: I don't have any experience with making espresso at this elevation, but I don't think it should matter, in the same sense as boiling, cooking potatoes for instance. The temperature at which water boils decreases with elevation, so cooking anything in boiling water takes longer as one rises in evaluation. In making espresso nothing is being cooked in boiling water. The hot water being pumped through the coffee grounds is under pressure, so would never reach the boiling point of water at the water extraction temperatues typically used. As the water moves through the coffee grounds it loses pressure, its boiling point decreases, and it cools by interaction with the coffee grounds. So, by the time the espresso exits and is exposed to atmospheric pressure, it is still likely below the boiling point of water at say 8000 feet, which is around 196 degF. Maybe at the tail end of a pull it may approach this temperature as the grounds heat up, if the extraction temperature is on the high side. It's probably best to keep the water temperature below its boiling point during the whole process, because boiling releases steam that would disrupt the emulsification of oils, water, and coffee goodness to form the crema. Anywise, that's my best "Sheldon Cooper" explanation of why I don't think it would matter at 8000 degF. Aug 4, 2013
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David M: I can not comment on the altitude ? As we live at 200 ft. But the machine is fantastic, we make several latte's per day as well as making tea Jul 19, 2013
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Alan T: we have a Rocket at 8,300 in Vail Co. and it works great Jun 24, 2013
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Martin K: Jack -
I live at sea level (essentially) in Seattle. I have had the Rocket for a year now and I absolutely love it. I pull perfect shots every time. This is a great machine if you want to step up to a professional model. 4-8 drinks a day is no problem for this machine. Be sure you have a good grinder, too.
Jun 24, 2013
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Forest asked: Hello Sir/Madam,

How is the default water temperature and pressure of this product? Can I adjust the water temperature and pressure by hand?


Mar 21, 2014
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Teri KStaff: The Rocket Giotto V2 machines do not have adjustable temperature control, but if the pressure is low, you can get into the machine and adjust your pressure stat. This is not something you should need to do out of the box, though. Otherwise, for precise control over temperature, you would need to move to the Rocket V3 machines that have adjustable brew temperature, or to the Rocket R58, a true double boiler machine, to adjust both steam and brew temperatures. Hope this helps!
Mar 22, 2014
Reply to Teri Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Forest: Hi Teri,

Thanks for your information!

Mar 23, 2014
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A shopper asked: How will the Rocket perform with my Breville Smart grinder? Jan 16, 2014
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Teri KStaff: I would definitely consider upgrading your Smart Grinder to a better unit to pair with your Rocket. If you use a Smart Grinder, you will likely need to have the grinder on the finest setting, and are likely going to be pretty limited in terms of the particle size. At minimum I would suggest looking at the Baratza Virtuoso, which can be found at the link below:
Jan 17, 2014
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Bobby C asked: Hello. I am trying to step to the prosumer machines and am having trouble discerning the differentiating factors. Is this "Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus - V2" and different than the "Quick Mill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine"? Jun 27, 2013
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Teri KStaff: Yes, those are two different machines, but both similar types. They are both heat exchangers and have an E61 brewhead and similar steam and hot water wands. The Rocket machines offer more options for body style and a plumbable version, while that Andreja does not. Otherwise, both machines have the potential for a great shot as long as you get a good quality grinder as well! Jun 27, 2013
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Looking for warranty, care information, or videos of this product? You're in the right place!


Warranty Information for the Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus V2

What it Covers:

Rocket Espresso machines

Length: 2 Years
Who Supports the Warranty: Seattle Coffee Gear
Warranty Contact Information: 866-372-4734 or email us at
Notes: Read more about Seattle Coffee Gear's Warranty coverage.
Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? Yes
Can SCG Repair? Yes. Read more about our out-of-warranty repair services.

Caring for the Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus V2

  • Clean the brew gasket with a cleaning brush.
  • Soap out water tank and drip tray every few days.
  • Perform backflush routine and clean the filter basket each week.
  • Keep the stainless-steel casing shiny with a microfiber cloth.

User Manuals for your Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus V2

Videos Featuring the Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus V2

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How to Backflush your E61 Espresso Machine

Crew Review: Rocket Espresso Accessories

Crew Review: Rocket Espresso Reservoir Filter

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Shot Compare: Livia 90 and Rocket Giotto Evoluzione

Interview with Rocket Espresso's Andrew Meo

I really enjoy making coffee every morning with the Giotto!

Review by

I have had the Giotto V2 for 6+ months and want share my experience. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Giotto and with Seattle Coffee Gear's customer service.

I will have to say that you must love to make your own coffee, manually. The Giotto and like machines, will take you some time to perfect your cup of coffee. You will also need to have a good coffee grinder (really important). Do not skimp on this, otherwise you will not make a great cup of coffee.

You will need to identify the right coffee grind setting, master tamping and milk frothing, and identify the coffee beans to use (use Seattle Coffee Gears videos to learn). The process for getting to a perfect cup to my liking was approximately 3 weeks and I did try several different varieties and brands of coffee. In the end it is well worth it!

The fit, finish, and styling of the Giotto is near excellent and have receive many a complement from friends.

Hope this review helps! Enjoy your coffee! Yasou!

(Posted on 7/4/13)

Professional Grade Machine

Review by

I have had the Giotto for about 3 months now and I love it. It took me a few tries to figure out the grind, coffee amount and tamping pressure but now that I have it figured out, I am making superb shots of espresso. And the steamer is quite powerful, too.
All in all, I am quite happy with this machine.

(Posted on 8/27/12)

Wow, just Wow....

Review by

First, I hope it's legal to put my review here, since I actually have the previous, Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus (v1) machine, purchased right before this one came out....darn it. :-) That said, I hardly think they could take a step backward based on my two month's experience with ours, and I bet the guts are 95% the same, with the v2 adding only the extra pressure gauge for the brewhead and some boiler insulation.

My wife and I are fairly new to *real* espresso, and this is our second machine. Our first was an Illy x1 (for ground or pods), which we thought was impressive when we first bought but rapidly began to experience problems with. We kept it for almost 2 years, having to swap it out for a recondition under warranty in the first 6 months, and then just used it until it died. It would leak out around the brewhead if overfilled or grind was too fine, the needle valve to shut off steam was very rapidly galled and leaky, it took a fair amount of time to go from steam to brew temps, etc. etc. I considered trying to Frankenstein it with a replacement needle valve once the leaking became a pour out the steam side of the machine during brewing, but it fried its electronics before I finished sourcing parts. Oh well....whip out the credit card....

So, the Rocket. First off this thing is a beast. I'm only guessing but I think the main difference between the Giotto and the Cellini is just the extra angled side panels? If that's the only difference, then the Cellini might be a bit sleeker purchase, but otherwise I bet they're exactly the same height and internals. The finish is excellent, glowing, perfectly polished stainless, and you will find yourself polishing it with the supplied microfiber like an aging midlife-crisis bald male with his sportscar and a clean diaper...ahem. Sorry. Anyway, if I have any complaint about the overall finish and aesthetics its that I wish the huge Rocket engraved badge on the back were perhaps on the side or something, since our machine backs up to the backsplash on our countertop so it's wasted, and perhaps that there is a little discoloration on the corners of the drip tray where they spot-weld the sheet metal edges. Don't know how they could get away from this without a different forming technique, but those slight discolorations (barely visible beneath the grill) keep making me think we didn't clean the drip tray perfectly.

If you gather that a minor aesthetic quibble like that is my main complaint, indicating either I'm shallow or the machine is otherwise awesome, they you'd be right. More on the latter part. My wife actually still uses preground Illy dark and gets a thick rich crema every time. I use a locally medium-roast espresso blend (Oak Cliff Coffee, out of Dallas, that I can get usually within 2-3 days of roasting), although I confess we don't have a grinder and I still grind it at the store. It took a little experimenting to get the right cut, and I'm always paranoid that Central Market's grinder won't hold that level, but so far any variations can easily be compensated for with tamp pressure, once I got dialed in on their machines (3.625 on a scale of 10, for this particular one... ;-) ).

Using it is a breeze. Turn it on. Wait about 6 min and the boiler is hot and at full steam pressure of 1 bar. (You can hear it heating, then the boiler sealing as it hits temp...maybe it's some kind of pressure release valve like in a pressure cooker, because you may see a tiny bit of steam escaping around the cups on the warming tray up top just before this happens). If you want you can wait a few minutes longer to make sure the brewhead metal is all up to temp, but my wife (who tends to lattes where I do just espresso or sometimes americanos with a little of the hot water) just goes straight into steaming at this point.

Doublesleeved wand is great, you can touch it (before using at least...after, it's been in hot milk and even doublewalling doesn't keep it cool). Blow a little steam out to make sure there's no drips, then dip in your milk. She doesn't even seem to bother with the right surfing technique, just puts the pitcher down on the drip screen and starts to prep the portafilter for her shot, and goes by sound for the milk texture. There's lots of pressure and even a full pitcher has no issues steaming (except perhaps for overflowing as it puffs up). Steam off, quick wipe outside, blast a little steam to clean out the interior, mount the portafilter, and flip the lever. NO WAITING. Now we only have the v1 as I said above so we don't have the pressure gauge for the brewhead, only for the boiler, but I've watched and rarely see the boiler pressure drop. You can tell if your grind and tamp are right by the flow, a nice even but thin rat-tail with 25 or so seconds to make a shot. Lever down and the brewhead releases pressure to the drip tray - here it does spray just a little bit, requiring wipedowns on the bottom face of the machine - and then we release, smack the puck into our composter can, and run a little water again into a clean wide cup before wiping down the screen with a clean damp towel. We will brush up around the oring occasionally but rarely if ever find much up there, just squishing the rag in and doing a twist around usually gets out any muck. The supplied baskets seem to be very high quality and might have some sort of nonstick coating on them (?) If not they're just really well finished, they don't seem to build oil residue at all. We do clean regularly just to be sure, and we will finish each day with a couple backflushes with the supplied blank filter. One last tip, I also think it's a good idea to run a good sized cup of water out the hot water dispense each day, just in case any milk gets back up the nozzle from steaming. This is probably just safety on my part.

So we've had it for 2 months now, and have cleaned about every 2 weeks using a little Cafiza in the backflush, which will generate some brown icky...but I suspect much of that is in the down tube from the brewhead, since the filter screen always seems very clean from just wiping, and running just water into a cup with no fillter handle engaged rarely if ever has any visible debris. We have also been diligent about descaling twice now (TX water can be fairly hard with all the limestone), and the one tip here is make sure to run a LOT of water thru the hot water wand, since that's what really connects to the boiler interior (the water for the brew goes thru a tubing that threads inside the boiler, but doesn't really 'collect' as much). If you dont your next Americano after cleaning will have some nice citric sourness (ick). We do also make sure to run a little water thru the brewhead before making a shot if the machine has been sitting 'on' but idle for more than 10-15 min...the water in that tubing inside the boiler will get 'too' hot if its left to sit, unlike the fresh water from the reservoir that heats up to just the right temp as it makes its way during shot-pull.

-- This thing never seems to need to 'wait'. The only time I can get the pressure in the boiler to drop significantly is if I run a big cup of hot water out the right wand for oatmeal or something...even then pressure is back up in a few seconds. This indicates that boiler's got a lot of heat capacity, so if the v2 adds insulation to what's there already, whoa mama.
-- Reservoir is huge, and has nice plastic handles for lifting out. The little needle that feeds the machine has a seal so you can lift it out even if partially full for cleaning. Do suggest cleaning the reservoir fairly will get a little 'warm' just from being inside the machine, and bacteria love warm standing water.
-- Filters seem very nicely coated and finished, and the handle and pour spouts are integrated and solid metal, not some sort of plastic jobbie like on the Illy that always broke if you dared to just tamp with it on a counter.
--Warming tray does indeed get warm, significantly more so than on the little Illy
--Coming from the Illy's horribly weak needle valve seal for the steam, I have to say the Rocket's big easy-turn knobs and excellent valve hardware for both hot water and steam are top notch. You don't have to crank anything down to get it to's never leaked from the steam wand, not once. But when you open it a turn or two you sure get plenty out.
--Even on 120v it doesn't seem to have any issues with keeping temp and running the pump like the Illy did. Again, probably because it's got a good size, high-heat-capacity boiler so it takes a LOT of flow before it really needs to reheat, once it's up to temp.

-- I wish the big badge on the back showed. Maybe I need a new kitchen layout so we can put it out on the island...
-- This isn't a cheap machine. I know, I know, quality costs. I have to judge it a good value, although it was costly. It's nearly three times what we paid for the Illy, but clearly built way way better, and has none of the wait or leak or inconsistency issues, and twice the warranty which we hope never to have to take advantage of
-- That little bit of weld discoloration down inside the drip tray. Very minor, but since the rest of the machine's finish is so perfect it does tend to attract my eye.
-- I can't take it to work. It's too big. Seriously.

(Posted on 8/4/12)

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