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Like many folks these days, I researched my purchase for hours, okay, weeks, before I bit the bullet & made my purchase. I used several sites & forums and was feeling quite overwhelmed but watching you make coffee (many times) on those videos helped me to be more comfortable with the process. This will be our first real machine....we've evolved from drip coffee makers that never lasted more than two years, to Tassimo (my husband helped bring that to the US Market when he worked for Kraft) that broke every year, to the Keurig (stale coffee), to TWO Krups self-tamping espresso makers that lasted six months each. Now we are addicted to espresso & want a machine that won't break next year. Hope we made the right decision! Anyway, you provided a valuable service to us (nothing like your shop here in Northern Jersey). We could have gone into NY hit or miss, but felt you deserved our business. Our daughter lives in Olympia & we know you folks out there take your coffee seriously! Can't wait to test drive our baby! Thanks again.


I am thrilled with my purchase. THE best money I've ever spent. Thank you.


I recently ordered an espresso maker and coffee from your company. The FedEx delivery took several days longer than it should have due to some glitch in the local FedEx office. When the package arrived, the box was partially crushed. I contacted FedEx, whose representative told me that I needed to complete a claim form. When I called back to complete the form, I was told by another FedEx representative that I was supposed to have contacted the sender, Seattle Coffee Gear. So, I did. When I contacted your company, I was referred to Dane, who was at all times professional and courteous. He took care of all that needed to be done in handling my claim and provided me with timely updates. His interaction with me was excellent. He worked with Fed Ex and was true to his word. In fact, after my first conversation with Dane, I felt confident that, whatever the outcome, he was doing his best to resolve the claim to my satisfaction. These days, it is hard to even get someone on the telephone; it is truly extraordinary to have the luxury of interacting with someone who is intelligent, forthright, and follows through, especially when the subject of the conversation concerns a problem. Dane's conduct was exceptional. If I order any coffee gear in the future, I will do so from Seattle Coffee Gear and will recommend your company to friends and family -- largely due to Dane's superior representation of your company.


If you are a coffee/espresso enthusiast, or dare I say, geek, THIS is the store for you.


I wanted to express my sincere thank-you to customer service at both Saeco and Seattle Coffee Gear regarding the swift repair of our Espresso Maker. As the warranty info. stated that repairs could take 4 - 6 weeks, we were pleasantly surprised when UPS dropped of our espresso maker today. I had shipped it only a little more than a week ago, and hadn't even had a chance to call to check the status of the repair. We fired it up upon arrival and it worked perfectly. Given that 'customer service' is not always all it's cracked up to be, I thought I should drop you a note for a job well done. Now my husband won't have to go to Peet's every day for his fix.

Susan & Marc

I recently purchased a Silvia and Rocky. I could've gotten them 'anywhere' but am so happy I purchased from you/your team. Your staff have been enormously helpful and informative. Kat was great and Gail is the queen of espresso. I am now a long term happy customer.


Just want to drop a quick line to thank you all for a wonderful site and fun videos. I just started a pursuit to learn espresso and pull great shots. I came across your site and almost visit daily to watch more videos and get tips and tricks as well as see what I want to purchase. Gail and Kat crack me up, I look forward to new video no matter if it is a product I am interested or not. Thanks also for introducing Velton to me, through your videos, I got some bonsai and am blown away. Lastly Mitch was a great help keeping me informed about a backorder and not keeping up in the air where my stuff was. I have worked in retail and understand customer service and see when people are genuine. I look forward to one day visiting the store when I get to the west coast. You will be my first choice for any future purchase. Keep up the great work.


I got wind of you guys via a random you tube search. The charm in the videos is what earned you my business. With real evaluations (objectivity means a lot) you can earn a customer's trust. I love my purchase, and will look your way again for a future buy. Keep it up.


Flawless communication and care!! Probably the BEST experience I've ever had in making an online purchase. Really felt appreciated! Thanks so much!


Great service, order shipped right away, arrived in perfect condition. Will order from them again!


I just wanted to say thank you! You guys are great. Victor - spent over a half hour on the phone with me discussing several espresso machines - never knowing whether or not I was planning to buy one. I subsequently did - and when I called for help setting it up, Gail spent a great deal of time guiding me. You really don't see this kind of customer service often (or ever?) so I am posting this. I will highly recommend you to my friends.


Videos on the net, questions answered from Gail when I called. And an invitation to come visit them when in town. Coffee and service is their business and I reap the benefits. I trust them.


Great merchandise, pricing, advice. Fast personal service.


Every time I open a new pack of Lavazza, my FAVORITE, I can smell the fresh aroma of the ground coffee and sometimes that fresh aroma brings me back to Italy as a child to that coffee shop called Torreificio and I feel like I'm home again. I am so thankful to have found Seattle Coffee Gear, every time I call to make an order I always find somebody nice to help me, the price is great, the shipment is fast and the coffee is fresh! Thank you!!!! I have already recommended you to other friends of mine and they also buy Lavazza from you!


You guys are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST COMPANY I HAVE EVER USED! If I want a video review of a machine, you guys will do it. If I want you to stay on the phone with me for 1 hour and get my shots dialed in, you will do it. The customer service is FANTASTIC!!!!!! I love you guys!


Everybody should believe something -- I believe I'll keep shopping with Seattle Coffee Gear. They have great customer service, they brighten the lives of coffee lovers and have a very user friendly website. What other coffee company can you say provides us with tons of YouTube videos showing step by step instructions? Seattle Coffee Gear cares enough about their fellow coffee lovers to take their time and teach us how to be good home baristas. If you want to be entertained and educated, just watch Kat & Gail on their YouTube Videos. They are professional, hilarious and adventurous. Best of all, when I place an order here, I cannot believe how quickly my order is processed and shipped. Sometimes the same day! Wake up, get up and start your day with Seattle Coffee Gear's help. They know how to "Turn Your Coffee On."


Very helpful staff who appear to have a real interest in both the products and services offered. Much appreciated.


I ordered the Hario Cold Brew Pot a few weeks ago. At first I was a little daunted because of the printing on the box-all Japanese. But once I watched your video-I tried the cold brewing method for my morning iced latte. Love love love the pot!!! Your video was helpful and entertaining as all the videos are. I really appreciate that you do that for us really helps. I only wish your store was closer, I'd be a weekly regular. Thank you for doing what you do... You're a great company to do business with and I will pass the word. Thank you


Seattle Coffee Gear was amazingly prompt with our order, answered questions when we asked. It was an extremely easy and positive experience.


My husband and I bought a Rocket Giotto and Macap last month. I just want to tell you that we are pleased with the machines and the service. We appreciate that you put up so many videos on YouTube because the manual that comes with the machine doesn't really describe a lot (for eg; how to backflush the machine). Honestly, watching your videos so many times has helped us to make decision since we can't come to WA to see the machine in person. Thanks again!

Christina & Gunnar

You guys are THE best. I called prior to, during, and after purchase, and at all times your staff has been professional, friendly, and MORE than helpful.


I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I absolutely LOVE my new Quick Mill Vetrano and MACAP Grinder you sold me back in October. It is not only a stunningly beautiful machine but it works like a charm! So easy and such great espresso! I'm so glad I took the leap up to such a great machine! Gail walked me thru how to use them both and she also made my experience a pleasurable one!

She recommended the Vacuum Canisters and I bought 3 for xmas gifts and they were a huge hit! Thanks again! I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for quality coffee/espresso supplies!


The staff I spoke with were very helpful and informative. Finally got straight knowledgeable answers to my questions.


had extremely good customer service when ordering our machines both in information on differing machines as well as the necessary equipment which encouraged me to order many times since for espresso and other items. Your courteous staff is thoroughly appreciated and will keep my returning business as well as referrals to friends and family.


This is a great setup! I was up and running in no time, making better tasting drinks than I can buy at the local coffee houses! The customer service was great and shipping was fast! Thanks Seattle Coffee Gear!


Fantastic company - they really know the business! Love my new Bonavita Exceptional Brew. I will be returning to them for future purchases. Thanks!!


I just wanted to drop a line and say how impressed I am with you guys!! I placed an order on Wednesday late afternoon and it was on my doorstep Friday mid day!! That is incredible service to say the least!! I also wanted to say Thanks so much for all the work that Kat and Gail do on those You Tube videos!!! That has to be one of the best information sources out there.....and you can watch and see everything as opposed to just reading! Thanks again and I look forward to always purchasing my coffee gear from you guys!


Always very helpfull and their pricing is about the best on the net. Go here first to get the best products and advice.


Great prices, great service. I have bought 2 refurbished Saeco Vienna Plus superautomatic espresso machines in the past two months from Seattle Coffee Gear. Both arrived on time and in perfect condition. Their prices are better than Amazon and eBay, and the video reviews of their gear are better information than Consumer Reports. Too bad I live on the east coast!


I found the best price & best selection for what I was looking for. Easy ordering & delivered in a week. Great!