From creamy homemade blended coffees to smoothies, juices, and more, a blender is an essential addition for your kitchen setup. At Seattle Coffee Gear, we're committed to helping you make coffee you love, and since a blender could just be a part of that, we're bringing you that too! Just make sure that for your coffee beans, you're using a coffee grinder, and not one of the blenders you find here!

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Cool Treats

We all love those frosty, blended coffee treats you can find in drive-thrus across the country. Why not learn to make them at home? For a smooth, creamy blend of coffee, ice, and milk or cream, you'll need a high quality blender! With the offers we have here, you can find the perfect tool for the job. Even better? Blenders aren't just for coffee. You'll be blending up delicious smoothies, milkshakes, juices, and more when you decide to take the plunge on a fantastic new blender. We can't wait to help you get blending today!

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12 Item(s)

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