Compliment your coffee or tea with a selection from our substantial inventory of superb coffee cups and mugs. Whether you're in the market for an insulated mug for on-the-go purposes, or are looking for elegant espresso demitasse cups or latte cup-and-plate combos to hold your beverage, we’ve got you covered. We select only the highest-quality cups and mugs to ensure durability and elegance in any dining setting. Shop our incredible selection of glass, ceramic and stainless steel cups and mugs, and enjoy your coffee drinks in style!

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The Internet’s Best Selection of Cups and Mugs

Here at Seattle Coffee Gear, we carry an expansive selection of cups and mugs available to order at some of the internet’s lowest rates. Our staff has personally handpicked all of the cups, mugs and glasses in our inventory—because we know that your beverage is only as good as what it comes in. Our team has individually tested countless products, and we have narrowed our drinkware selection down to the cups that keep your beverage hot and fresh. Browse through our inventory of cups and mugs to find selections from top brands including Acme, Cremaware, Bodum and many more.

Modern Espresso Glasses

As most espresso drinkers know, espresso is a concentrated coffee drink traditionally served in a small shot glass or cup. Here at Seattle Coffee Gear, our available espresso shot glasses are perfect for holding small single-serve espresso drinks or transporting espresso shots to larger beverages. Our team has tested a wide range of shot glasses and curated a selection that will insure that your shots stay fresh and flavorful. Each product we carry is durable, heat-resistant and will consistently hold up with everyday use. Shop our selection of glasses to ensure that your beverage has the best possible taste and presentation.

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