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Milk Thermometers

Milk thermometers are absolutely crucial in creating the difference between drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. A few degrees off and you may just wind up with lukewarm leche that has no place in a self-respecting barista's repertoire. Gain the control you crave and create the silken foam that made these milk-based concoctions famous - every single time!

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  • Rattleware Original Easy Steam Milk Frothing Thermometer

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    Precision is key when frothing silky milk, so why leave it to chance? Never overheat milk again with the Rattleware Original Easy Steam Milk Frothing Thermometer. Much like the Rattleware EasySteam S10, this thermometer features a 10-degree face plate and additional 1-degree increments for a more precise reading. The outside circle indicates degrees in fahrenheit while the inside circle offers degrees in celsius. Learn More
  • Rattleware EasySteam S10 Milk Frothing Thermometer

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    Budding baristas take note: Thermometers are crucial to obtaining the precise temperature for perfect, creamy milk. That's why we love the Rattleware EasySteam S10 Milk Frothing Thermometer with its 10-degree face plate for improved angle-viewing and easy reading. Try this thermometer out in your home or cafe. Learn More

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