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Anchorhead Coffee - Sumatra Mandheling

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Anchorhead's search for an exceptional coffee from Sumatra really shows with this Takengon Mandheling. Typically offerings from Sumatra are earthy and spicy--that's not a bad thing! But Anchorhead's selection shows off this exceptionally sweet and crisp lot from the Sara Ate Cooperative in Aceh province in Sumatra, Indonesia. The beans are process using the typical wet-hulled (semi-washed) process in Indonesia, but this isn't your typical darkly roasted Sumatran coffee. It's light, almost tea-like, but rich cherry, cola, and butterscotch notes make this an rewarding morning brew for drip or pour over coffee. 

Roast Level
  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 10 oz
  • Single Origin
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Recommended Brew Methods

We recommend a 16:1 water to coffee ratio for your dosing. Use a scale for best results! For pour over, use a medium-coarse grind size somewhere between drip and press levels. Start with a short pour to wet the grounds and “bloom” the coffee for 30 seconds, followed by two more pours, divided in half to reach the appropriate remaining ratio of water to coffee.

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Start with a 16:1 water-to-coffee ratio for your dosing. You’ll want a medium grind size for drip brewing that’s finer than what you’d use for pourover. Make sure you give the filter basket a shake to evenly distribute the grounds in the filter for best results. Turn on your brewer and it’ll do the rest!

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About The Roaster

Roasted Fresh in Duvall, Washington

Anchorhead Coffee Company brews and bottles its premium-quality coffee by hand right outside Duvall, Washington. This award-winning coffee-maker is as beloved for its signature roasts as it is for its espresso.

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