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Ascaso Dream Up V2.0 Espresso Machine

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Product Description

The Ascaso Dream Up V2.0 features a three-way solenoid valve that empties into the reservoir, adjustable pressure valve and includes an aluminum tamper. Ascaso kept the same stylish retro look that the original Dream espresso machine has long been known for and made it available in a wide array of rainbow colors. The V2.0 updated version has removed the previous model's three-way solenoid pipe that was located on the left side of the machine. The three-way solenoid valve now returns to the reservoir for easier access and cleaning.

Features and Functionality of the Ascaso Dream Up V2.0 Espresso Machine

  • Three-Way Solenoid Valve - This valve releases the excess pressure and moisture from the coffee puck when you are finished brewing, resulting in a drier puck that can be easily smacked into a knock box.
  • Simple to Use Controls - Flip on the center power switch to begin heating up the boiler. Two more professional grade rocker switches allow for control of the steam function (far left) and the coffee brew control (far right). A series of indicator lights inform you when the machine is powered up, and when it is at the proper temperature for either brewing espresso or steaming milk.
  • Aluminum Case - The Dream is constructed of corrosion resistant aluminum for extra long life. The aluminum is then finished in a chip resistant enamel paint. Unlike most espresso machines in this class that are made of steel, the Dream will not rust thanks to the aluminum body. All of the components that make up the construction are designed for long life and low maintenance.
  • Frothing Tip for Perfect Foam - Like magic, the wand will make perfect foam. In an instant, the steam wand converts the milk in your 12 or 20 oz. frothing pitcher to lovely foam for lattes and cappuccinos. Mounted on a swivel joint, the stainless steel steam wand conveniently swings aside and clean up is a snap.
  • Quality Brewing Group - The group head (the component that accepts the coffee holder) is made of chrome plated brass. Designed after Ascaso's commercial espresso machines, the Dream group head evenly distributes heat and reduces "hotspots" for more temperature consistent espresso. It has also been designed to evenly distribute water across the coffee grounds for a better extraction.
  • Heavy Duty Coffee Holders and Filter Baskets - Keeping with the tradition of using only commercial grade components, the Dream uses heavy-duty chrome plated brass coffee holders, which feature a rugged plastic handle. There is a coffee holder for ground coffee and one for espresso pods. Single shot and double shot 57 mm diameter stainless steel filter baskets are also included. The larger size baskets allow you to use more ground coffee per serving for stronger espresso or cups of coffee.
  • 48 oz. Water Tank - The removable water reservoir, equipped with a water level indicator, can be filled while operating or taken out and filled at the faucet.
  • 16 BAR Water Pump - The secret to a great espresso is a water pump that has the power to force water through the coffee grounds to extract the full flavor from the coffee. No worries here, you have more than enough pressure to extract the best of what your coffee has to offer.
  • Drip and Cup Tray, Plus Cup Heater - The Dream has a polished stainless steel drip pan and chrome plated steel cup try, both easy to remove and clean. A unique scratch resistant cup-warming surface on the top of the machine lets you keep your espresso cups warm so your freshly brewed espresso does not cool too quickly once it hits the cup.
  • Aluminum Thermoblock - Made of heat distributing aluminum, this thermoblock can get up to temperature quickly and stay there. The water pipes within are made of stainless steel, which makes the Thermoblock less prone to limescale build up.
  • Sold on the Solenoid - The 3-way solenoid and adjustable pressure valve brings high tech to the high style of the Dream Up.
  • Heavy Cast Aluminum Case - This is one of the sturdiest home espresso machine designs on the market. The case is made of heavy cast aluminum and is built to last.
  • Temperature Control - The Dream Up V2.0 has an aluminum thermoblock, stainless steel pipes and chrome-plated brass portafilter, which translate to excellent temperature control and very good shots of espresso.
  • Steam Valve Can Leak - The fitting is made of brass and if overtightened can leak slightly. It is an inexpensive repair that can be performed by any Ascaso-certified repair department.
How Does it Compare?

Beautiful design, all metal casing with solid internal components. With a little practice and regular maintenance this machine can product excellent results.

Tips and Tricks

Consider pairing it with an Ascaso i-Mini Conical Burr Grinder!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Ascaso
Width 9.6 inches
Depth 11 inches
Height 13.6 inches
Watts 900
Volts 120
Volume (Decibles) No
Programmability No
Case Material Aluminum
Boiler Material Aluminum
Reservoir Size 48 ounces
Solenoid Valve Yes
Cup Warmer Yes
Portafilter Size No
Available Portafilters Pressurized and Non-Pressurized
Boiler Design Thermoblock
NSF Certified No
Pod Friendly Yes - without adaptation
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Auto On No
Pre-Infusion/Aroma No

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I have the new Ascaso Dream UP v.2.0 (Aluminum Thermoblock-INOX). As far as I can see the machine is equipped with a 3-way-solonoid valve. But the machine does not have a left steel pipe to the drip tray. It lets pressure out in the water tank.

While this is fine, I was wondering if the machine is capable of backflushing? I wish to have my machine the most fit as possible. There was not blindfilter with the product (ordered in Denmark where I am from), so I am unsure if I can backflush this machine?

If not, how would the best cleaning options be? I always use filtered water in the machine.

Kind regards,
Jan H on Nov 15, 2013
Best Answer: Hi, my machine does have the steel pipe that leads to the drain so it seemsto flush itself but additionally I run the machine without coffee everytime before brewing for a few seconds and that seems to clean out the machine quite well.
I'm a big believer in YouTube, if you google backflushing ascaso dream machine you might find a more precise answer. Good luck!
Reply · Report · Phil J on Nov 15, 2013
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Hi there,

I am considering this machine to pair with a Baratza Vario grinder.

Q1) I plan to *not* use pods, only grinded coffee. Does this new UP V2 model still requires Ascaso Brew Head Upgrade Adapter kit or does it comes with the box?

Q2) As for portafilter, it seems from the description the box contains both pressurized and non pressurized filter, could you please confirm?

bitonio on Oct 26, 2014
Best Answer: I recently bought the Ascaso Dream UP V2.0 and it does come with the brew-head adapter but I had to install it which was no big deal. The portafilter that came with the machine is a non-pressurized one. What was a bit disappointing to me is that I had a Dream-UP V1.0 machine that died and purchased the V2.0 because it had a 3-way solenoid value. Apparently the solenoid drains the excess water back into the water tank which seems totally ridiculous to me but nevertheless the machine still produces very good espresso shots without a lot of effort
Reply · Report · Charles S on Oct 28, 2014
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Hi, I have an older Ascaso dream? espresso machine from 2006/2007. The espresso is leaking from the porta filter - down toward the end of the handle and wondered if I need to replace the porta filter basket?
David J on Feb 12, 2013
Best Answer: I am on my third Ascaso Dream and have found that you must order 2 things to make them work properly and not leak.
1st, the Ascaso Brew Head Upgrade Adapter kit.
(unless you use Pods, which I don't) This adapter kit makes the coffee
come through evenly and leaves the appropriate puck. I have had no leakage problems with it in place. The brew head as delivered is a compromise which is very unsatisfying for non-puck heads.
2nd, the larger basket with different bottom configuration; the double shot one for me. It just performs much better than the original and
allows for a bit larger double shot.
Both are available on Seattle Coffee Gear's website.
Hope this helps, Hugh
Reply (2) · Report · Hugh P on Feb 27, 2013
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where is this machine manufactured?
A shopper on Jan 28, 2016
Best Answer: Spain
Reply · Report · Michele BStaff on Feb 3, 2016
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where is this machine manufactured?
A shopper on Jan 25, 2016
Best Answer: Ascaso is in Spain
Reply · Report · Michele BStaff on Feb 2, 2016
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what is the warranty on this machine? and do machines have to be shipped to a limited number of authorized repairers if repairs are needed?
dahlia on Oct 14, 2014
Best Answer: The Ascaso Dream offers a one year warranty supported by Espresso 4 Home. You would need to contact them directly regarding repair centers for warranty support, and yes, the machine would need to be shipped in should you have an issue requiring service. More information regarding the warranty can be found below:

Warranty Information for the Ascaso Dream Up V2.0 Espresso Machine
What it Covers:Ascaso equipment
Length:1 Year
Who Supports the Warranty:Espresso 4 Home
Warranty Contact Information:732-866-1781
A common failure point on single boiler models is boiler burn out, which can occur if the boiler is not actively refilled with water. Unfortunately, this error is not covered under warranty, so please ensure that your boiler is regularly and properly refilled by steaming, purging and then brewing. Not sure how to do this? Watch Gail perform this process on the Ascaso Dream UP.
Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty?No
Can SCG Repair?Yes. Read more about our out-of-warranty repair services.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Oct 14, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
I just purchased an Ascaso Dream from 12/2006. It didn't come with a portafilter. I hear they are an odd size. Do I need to purchase a 57 or 58 mm portafilter? or other size???

Tom M on Aug 3, 2013
Best Answer: The Ascaso Dream uses a 57mm portafilter, and also keep in mind tabs and lip of the basket make portafilters brand and model specific. Check out the link below for the Ascaso portafilter you need for the Dream:
Reply (1) · Report · Teri KStaff on Aug 7, 2013
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I understand the portafilter on the Ascaso Dream UP is an odd size, which quality tamper would you suggest to replace the cheap plastic one that comes with the machine? I prefer all stainless.


lynn d on Jun 3, 2013
Best Answer: The options for you to check out for a variety of available base sizes are the Reg Barber or concept-art brands. Reg Barber is a bit more expensive because this brand is handmade, while concept-art tampers are less expensive options. Both of these brands allow you to choose a base style and size, and tamper handle style and material.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Jun 5, 2013
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
My Dream machine 1 month old just cut off while making an espresso?? Any ideas?
Jamie K on Feb 9, 2015
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Warranty Information for the Ascaso Dream Up V2.0 Espresso Machine

What it Covers: Ascaso equipment
Length: 1 Year
Who Supports the Warranty: Espresso 4 Home
Warranty Contact Information: 732-866-1781

A common failure point on single boiler models is boiler burn out, which can occur if the boiler is not actively refilled with water. Unfortunately, this error is not covered under warranty, so please ensure that your boiler is regularly and properly refilled by steaming, purging and then brewing. Not sure how to do this? Watch Gail perform this process on the Ascaso Dream UP.

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No
Can SCG Repair? Yes. Read more about our out-of-warranty repair services.

Caring for the Ascaso Dream Up V2.0 Espresso Machine

For detailed care instructions, please refer to your machine's user manual. We recommend that you also incorporate the following into your cleaning routine:

  • Descale every two to three months. We recommend using Dezcal.
  • Soap out water tank and drip tray every few days.
  • Rinse portafilter and baskets after each use.
  • Brush brew head gasket area weekly to remove any coffee build-up
  • Purge and wipe the steam wand after each use. The Panarello sleeve can also be removed for regular cleaning.

User Manuals for the Ascaso Dream Up V2.0 Espresso Machine

Ascaso Espresso Machines User Manual

Note: The instructional manuals for Ascaso are printed for worldwide distribution and covers almost every model produced worldwide. With this in mind, there may be features, accessories or colors available in Ascaso equipment in other countries, but not available in models produced for the United States.

Videos Featuring the Ascaso Dream Up v2.0 Espresso Machine

Refilling the Boiler and Temperature Surfing on an Ascaso Dream Up Espresso Machine

Compare: Rancilio Silvia vs. Ascaso Dream Up Espresso Machine


Overall, we like itReview by Sandy
I love the styling and the color choices. I bought a red one. Once you figure it out, the machine is quite easy to use. The coffee tastes much better than our former espresso machine and the steam wand works well. The tamper that came with mine is a heavy metal one and works great.

Cons: The instruction manual is the worst I have ever encountered. It is written in a confusing way to try and accommodate about 5 very different models in each sentence and the translation to English is terrible. Also, when the steam mode function is on, water leaks out of the bottom of the machine on to the heavy cardboard in the bottom of the machine. If I don't catch it right away, then it also leaks onto my counter top. (Posted on 3/6/2016)
Ascaso Review by alfredo
this machine is beautiful however very sensitive. I've owned it for 7 years and makes great espresso but if not maintained on an ongoing basis if will break down on you. (Posted on 5/25/2014)
Ideal for Reduced European Espresso MenuReview by Brent Wood
Story: I received this as a gift for Hanukkah from my fiancee (her way of making me feel included in holiday gift exchanges) as a gift partly due to my weekly expenditure at my local coffee shop and a lengthy conversation on the average annual total which was more than this machine cost. I cannot be happier with the performance of this machine.

Use: I am not a big American style espresso cocktail drinker (refer to the starbucks menu). I opt for the more classical reduced european menu when it comes to my espresso related drinks....especially the macchiato.

Durability: I have been using this machine for over a year now and have not had to replace any parts on it yet. The steam wand has not started to leak yet.

Modifications: So far I have not made many modifications to the Ascaso Dream. After about 6 months of use I noticed a decline in the flavour of shots pulled. I have been descaling every month and I take apart the portafilter and brew head and clean them once every week or two weeks depending on my usage. This decline in flavour led me to start experimenting with the filter. I ended up taking out the pressurised basket and removed the screen with a pair of pliers. I then removed the grey rubber surround and took the screen and put it back in the basket upside-down. Pulled a shot with 24 hour-old roast. Success! Flavour has returned with an added bonus of chocolate brown crema with golden highlights. I have ordered a bottomless portafilter for the machine hoping to pull more crema.

Pros: Surface Clean-ability | Crema Generation | Ease of use | Maintenance Ease | Machined with Durability in mind

Cons: Drippy | Doesn't Come with non Pressurised Basket | Doesn't seem to make a decent "puck" after pulling | No Pressure Blow-off after steaming other than flipping coffee switch

Indifference: Noise | Reservoir Size | Countertop Footprint

Recommendations: Get a different Tamper (57mm), upgrade Brew head (can be found here on seattlecoffeegear), Experiment with unpressurised basket.

Recipe: A Macchiato with the Ascaso Dream:
1. Turn on machine to preheat
2. 1-2 oz of milk readied in pitcher, grind roast and fill/tamp portafilter
3. place bowl on machine and flip coffee switch and brush brew head to clean prior to pulling shot. (IMPORTANT)
4. Steam Milk frothing it a bit then shut off steam switch
5. Blow off steam by flipping coffee switch, hold espresso cup under the brew head while doing this to preheat the cup
6. Load portafilter and pull shot
7. Stir the shot once pulled as this reduces bitterness and rounds out the shot. (IMPORTANT)
8. "Mark" the espresso shot with a spoonful of frothed milk (the foam works the best).
9. Perform any macchiato art and serve. (Posted on 10/4/2013)
Great little machineReview by iberjan
My first espresso machine, I've owned one over three years and been very happy with it. I use it several times a day on most days and it makes consistently good shots. So far it has been zero maintenance and completely problem-free. With this machine I've developed an appreciation for coffee and become pretty good at making it. It's a very nice, simple to use entry-level machine, though I can't really compare it to other machines in this price range.

Things to note:
- I found it to be extremely sensitive to grind and tamping pressure. I really only use the red ground Illy coffee with it since I don't have a grinder of my own. Even then I fill the portafilter to the top and make sure to apply a good amount of pressure when tamping.
- The plastic tamper that's included with it is pretty useless and it's not a standard size either, so make sure you get the right diameter tamper for it.
- The milk steamer is only so-so. I find it better to do the milk by hand because it comes out better.

Easy To Use, Great Taste, Easy To Clean

(Posted on 12/14/2010)
L-O-V-E it!Review by Kitty La Crosse
I bought this machine for my partner for Christmas - partly as a way to stem our expensive daily latte habit. We've quickly found that this machine makes coffee that rivals any that we find elsewhere. We're very talented coffee drinkers, but novice baristas, but we found that we could make great coffee very easily with this machine.We've been using it daily for nearly six months now and don't have a single complaint[...]we wouldn't hesitate to buy here again.

Quick Brewing, Easy To Use, Large Water Container, Great Taste, Easy To Clean

(Posted on 5/28/2010)
Our new RED Dream Machine!Review by Randy
We are using both the pods and ground coffee. We are experimenting with many different choices of coffee and love the victrola coffees from Seattle. The ground coffee works extremely well with a fine grind tamped as tightly as possible. The crema produced seems to rival just about any machine we have used. The pods produce less crema, but several have been surprising in their full flavor. We do not use it to foam milk as we just use the Bonjour hand frother which is quick to use.

The machine does not disappoint with its beautiful design, real red color, heavy metal construction, and ease of use.

Great Taste, Large Water Container, Quick Brewing, Easy To Clean, Easy To Use

Noisy (Posted on 4/7/2010)

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