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Baratza Forte AP All Purpose Grinder - Ceramic Burr

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Product Description

Named best commercial product at SCAA 2013, the Baratza Forte AP Grinder deftly transitions from coarser drip grinds to fine espresso grinds with precision. The Forte AP offers an upgraded motor with 70% more power and an improved touch screen display, all housed in a sleek metal case. And, with 10 macro settings and 26 micro settings, the Forte ensures you can dial in even the most finicky of shots.

This commercial grade machine is perfect for the coffee enthusiast or cafe that can't commit to just one prep. From espresso to pour overs, with the option to grind into a container or use the portaholder, the Forte AP has all your caffeine desires covered.

Features & Functionality of the Baratza Forte AP All Purpose Grinder

  • 54mm Ceramic Flat Burrs: These burrs are built to last. Ceramic burrs have a longer shelf life than metal burrs and prevent heat transfer, which can damage a bean's flavor profile.
  • Weight Based Dosing: Set the weight of your desired ground coffee to more or less than 0.2g and the Forte AP will weigh the ground coffee while grinding, then stop automatically when it reaches your desired weight.
  • Backlit Screen: The touch LCD display is easy to read and intuitive to program.
  • Programming: Features three, user-programmable settings based on weight (+/- .1 gram) or time (+/- .1 sec).
  • Strong and Silent Motor: The high-torque motor is 70% more powerful than the Vario's while rotating more slowly to prevent heat transfer to the grounds. The circuitry is equipped with an automatic reset thermal switch.
  • Portafilter Holder: This model comes equipped with a portafilter holder for hands free grinding. The Forte AP also includes an 8 oz grounds bin.
  • Commercial-Grade Juice - A new DC motor with 70% more power than the Vario-W stands up to the toughest commercial environments.
  • Stopper Hopper Standard - Swap out beans seamlessly and with no mess using the removable hopper. Add extensions to attain your desired hopper volume.
  • Portaholder Included - Use the portafilter holder for hands-free grinding.
  • Too Much Goodness - A score of grinding options can equal frustration when changing grinds for a new batch of beans.
Ease of Care and Maintenance 3
Ease of Use 3
Overall Value for the Money 4
How Does it Compare? The Forte is Baratza's beefiest grinder to date - 230 programmable settings, built-in dosing by weight or time, and an improved hopper make it a smart choice for cafes and discerning home users. Available with flat steel or ceramic burrs.
Tips and Tricks When cleaning the Forte Grinder, we do not recommend turing this grinder upside down to knock out loose grinds. Turning the Forte grinder upside down may upset the calibration, resulting in a broken grinder.
Suitable Applications Coffee Press, Drip Coffee, Espresso, Fine Drip / Pour Over

Additional Information

Model Number Forte - Ceramic Burr
Manufacturer Baratza
Width 5.5 inches
Depth 5.0 inches
Height 14.2 inches with hopper
Product Weight (lbs.) 13.0000
Volts 110V
Programmability Yes
Case Material Stainless Steel/Plastic
NSF Certified No
Bean Hopper Capacity 10 oz.
Dosing Options Programmable Dosing Functionality
Grinder Style Burr - Flat Ceramic
Burr Diameter 54 mm
Anti-Static Coating Yes
Timer or On/Off Switch Both Timer & On/Off Switch
Material Metal and Plastic

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In the video you said that it won't weigh out your portafilter. That portafilter holder sure looks like it sits on the scale steady enough to put a portafilter in there and tear it out to do a weight based grind directly in to it??????
A shopper on Mar 31, 2014
Best Answer: While the portafilter holder on this Baratza Forte is steady and will accommodate many portafilters, once you seat the portafilter holder onto the grinder, the weight base is below the holder. For this reason, only the container can be used to weigh grounds, as the portafilter holder hovers above the scale. Hope this makes sense, but let us know if you have further questions!
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Apr 2, 2014
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I currently do not have a coffee grinder and am pretty new to the coffee and espresso making process. I don't like the idea of cheap equipment ending up in my kitchen cabinets but don't want to over invest in something that may be overkill. That being said, I'd like to pick up the best grinder for the money that will grow with me when I graduate from drip and eventually pick up an espresso machine. I will initially use the grinder for experimenting with drip, French press and this new thing I just read about called the Aeropress.

I'm guessing that the AP model would best fit my needs if I want to go from course to espresso grinds but at almost $900 it is a heck of a lot of money to spend. However, if it's the best and will last me my lifetime, maybe it's worth it?
Joel C on Feb 3, 2014
Best Answer: This is a wonderful grinder! It makes excellent drip coffee and espresso. We have not tried the coarse grind for French press. What people say about having a good grinder to get good coffee - they're right!

The adjustments are very good, but the levers move sort of hard. Sometimes, you overshoot and have to work at it to get to just the right point.

We use the tared container to grind a set weight for morning drip coffee. Very easy and much less messy than other grinders we've had.

For espresso, we use the portafilter holder. This works nicely.

NOTE: when you clean the burrs, DO NOT INVERT THE GRINDER! This puts things severely out of alignment. Instead, vacuum out the top chamber after removing the top burr.

Baratza support is very friendly and willing to help. They are still developing how to's for this grinder.
Reply (1) · Report · Eileen M on Feb 4, 2014
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How clumpy is the grind at espresso settings? My machine is sensitive to a clumpy grind producing a under extracted shot with a clumpy grind. The only way I can salvage the grind is by WDT for a reasonably lengthy time.
Hal R on Dec 8, 2014
Best Answer: The grind setting you're at, as well as the blend of coffee that you're using will certainly make a difference. Essentially, the oilier the bean and the finer the setting, the more clumping you will get. That doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with the setting that you've chosen, but you will definitely see more or less clumpiness depending on those factors. Every grinder clumps, because the finer the beans are ground, the more static charge they have, meaning that they will either be attracted (clump) or repulsed (fly away) from each other. That's why you get such a mix from your grinder, you'll generally get the clumps to fall into the portafilter, but a messiness around it that you just can't control.

If you're looking for the most consistency from your shots, certainly declumping will improve that, but just keep in mind that if you choose to declump, you may have to adjust your grind fineness to suit the timing/flavor that you're looking for. If you'd like to see our test on declumping in action, here's a fun video for you: Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Dec 9, 2014
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The instructions say the macro switch should be adjusted only when the unit is grinding. REALLY? (Hard to steady the portafilter AND move the switch...) pleas advise.
Eileen M on Nov 16, 2013
Best Answer: You only need be concerned about it running when adjusting from coarser to finer grind. It doesn't matter the other direction. Otherwise you are forcing the burrs together with beans and partially ground beans preventing movement. This can damage the adjusting mechanism. On the micro side you can probably get away with a click or two with out problem but I usually turn it on for that side, too.

Doesn't your portafilter stay in its holder? I do not have to hold mine. You can adjust the fit of the arms via the screw on the backside of the portafilter holder module.

I just put the palm of one hand on the hopper lid and adjust lever with the other hand. But the macro side never seems to need to be changed for espresso on mine. All the variations for different varieties and differing freshness are handled by the micro side.
Reply · Report · G A on Nov 17, 2013
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Does the grind on this machine go course enough for press coffee?
Marty T on Jan 27, 2014
Best Answer: If you are just grinding for press, I would recommend the Encore, as this Forte AP is calibrated on the fine side and won't get very coarse. Unfortunately it is tricky to use the same grinder for both espresso and press since the two are at such different extremes, but if you like your press grinding in the medium range of things, then the Forte would work.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Jan 27, 2014
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I'm trying to decide between this Smart Grinder and the more expensive Baratza Forte AP. Do you think the Baratza is worth the extra $$$? Thanks!
A shopper on Aug 26, 2015
Baratza Forte AP All Purpose Grinder - Ceramic Burr
Baratza Forte AP All Purpose Grinder - Ceramic Burr
Breville Smart Grinder
Breville Smart Grinder
Best Answer: Absolutely! The Baratza is a much more durable machine. The SmartGrinder is a nice little grinder, but because it utilizes more plastic components (to help keep the cost down) it will not last as long as the Baratza
Reply · Report · Randee SStaff on Aug 28, 2015
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Hi.. I look up on this grinder more than mazzer because of the easy way to access the burrs & easier to clean.
But what about if compared to the Baratza forte AP?
I am interested for the ceramic burs on forte & all of those futures..
But, I am searching for high end usage for home & 100% on espresso drink only.. & I dont want to do any more grinder upgrade, So I want to have a last long grinder..
What do you recommend for me? this grinder? or Baratza Forte will be best for me?
Ashadi B on Feb 24, 2015
Baratza Forte AP All Purpose Grinder - Ceramic Burr
Baratza Forte AP All Purpose Grinder - Ceramic Burr
Nuova Simonelli Eureka
Nuova Simonelli Eureka
Best Answer: That's a hard choice! They both are pretty simple to clean, just takes a bit of getting used to with whichever one you choose! I think it will really come down to how you would like to use it. Since you will only be using it for espresso, then the more settings that you have to choose from, the more precise you can be with your dialed in grind setting. The Eureka will certainly be able to do that for you, but it is a bit larger of a machine, so while it does have a stepless adjustment, it also has a doser, which means that you will have some leftover grounds in the dosing chamber that will need to be regularly cleaned out so that each morning, you don't have any stale grounds in it, hindering your shot performance. With the Forte, you have many settings to choose from, but it's not stepless (so not an infinite number of settings), but it has both some programmability for settings to set for dosing by time or weight, and a container or portaholder depending on how you prefer for it to grind. The Forte also allows you to change the grind setting much easier if you do (down the road) want to experiment with other brewing methods, and because it's stepped, it makes coming back to your preferred grind setting easier.

Really, I think it will be about how you'd like to use it, both will be lasting you a long time, and are pretty easy to maintain.
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Mar 11, 2015
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Sooooo, for a dedicated espresso grinder, can you recommend the either the Forte AP or the Vario? Thanks.
A shopper on Feb 1, 2015
Best Answer: You'll have more programmability on the Forte AP than on the Vario, because not only can you program the 1, 2, and 3 buttons for time like the Vario, but you can also program them for weight. The Forte has a slightly wider range and is able to accomplish a french press grind consistency, as well as going down to a very fine espresso. If you will only be using it for espresso though, it really just depends on what features you need, as both are able to accomplish a great, consistent espresso grind. The Forte will have larger burrs so it will grind quicker, a removable bean hopper for changing between beans, and that time or weight based programming. They both will be very consistent in grind size, and with proper maintenance, you should see a nice lifespan from either too!
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Feb 9, 2015
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
What espresso grind setting are you guys using.. Having trouble dialing in with Duetto 2?
John b on Oct 19, 2014
Best Answer: I would recommend trying a grind setting of about 2Q with your Forte and Duetto and time shots for the two ounces of liquid extracted in the 20-30 second timeframe when you tamp with 30 pounds of pressure. Depending on your blend of bean, as well as their roast and age you will need to adjust from there. Unfortunately because there are so many grind settings on the Baratza Forte it does take a bit more time to get dialed in, but you can really fine tune your settings for great shots. Hope this helps!
Reply (1) · Report · Teri KStaff on Oct 20, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
If the only difference between the AP and the BG are the burrs, can you get one or the other and then change out the metal burrs for the ceramic and vice versa? At this price point it would seem worth it to basically have all the options... Can you purchase, say, the metal burrs separately and fit them into the AP grinder? Thanks!
Alec S on Aug 13, 2014
Best Answer: No, unfortunately the software between the Forte AP and BG is different as well, and so the burrs are not compatible between the models and output would be incorrect if you switched the burrs on the two models. If you are looking to grind for multiple applications including espresso, then the AP is the way to go. If, however, you never grind for espresso then the BG would be the best choice. The ceramic burrs of the AP are cut differently than the steel burrs of the BG, and though the cut of the BG burrs will improve the quality of manual extraction methods, the BG does not grind espresso fine. I hope this helps you decide!
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Aug 14, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Is this product only works with 110V? , I live in another country where 220V voltage is the standart. I could not find this here and I will be on a business trip soon to Seattle.
A shopper on Jul 6, 2014
Best Answer: Yes, we only carry the Baratza Forte grinder in 110V. We would not recommend trying to convert this machine to 220V as the entire grinder would need to be rewired. It doesn't look like the Baratza Forte is offered in any other voltage except for 110V. Sorry!
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Jul 8, 2014
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Warranty Information for the Baratza Forte AP All Purpose Grinder

What it Covers:


Length: 1 Year
Who Supports the Warranty: Baratza
Warranty Contact Information: 877-701-2021
Notes: Baratza has excellent troubleshooting resources on their website. If you're experiencing an issue with your grinder, definitely look here first.
Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No
Can SCG Repair? Yes. Read more about our out-of-warranty repair services.

Caring for the Baratza Forte AP All Purpose Grinder

Clean burrs on a weekly to bi-weekly basis either with a cleaning brush or a burr grinder-specific cleaning product such as Grindz.

Remove and hand wash the bean hopper and lid with warm water and soap as needed.


none betterReview by rcpmac
About the best you can get unless you have the room for a super jolley. More and more I see this grinder in Seattle's best indy espresso shops. (Posted on 5/26/2015)
Good Espresso GrindReview by Matt
This machine fills a portafilter with espresso grind in about 7.5 seconds with the hopper nearly empty, and in about 6 seconds with it filled to the half way point. The grind is consistent. The motor doesn't have any whine or protest, the machine is quiet, I expect it to last for years. It a nice and heavy, well built and looks great on our granite beside the Breville 920 dual boiler.

The only negative is the portafilter holder isn't fully adjustable and while it does hold the porta-filter that came with the Breville... it isn't tight and I usually don't let it go while grinding into the portafilter. Anyway this is the only way I grind... right into the portafilter and right before I brew espresso. So for me it doesn't really make a difference - those 6 seconds can be used to fill my espresso cup with hot water to preheat... or just spent smelling the freshly ground beans. (Posted on 1/13/2015)
Horrible experienceReview by Mark J.
I have to believe that there are good Baratza Fortes out there, because there are good reviews, but so far with my new one my experience 100% confirms my experience with Baratza: lousy quality control that often results in defective products reaching hands of customers. I have been struggling with my Forte for 3 weeks now, thinking I just had to get used to it and dial in the right grind for my setup. But I have reached the conclusion that my Forte is defective. The grind adjustment levers seem to have absolutely no relationship to the grind of the coffee that comes out. I will get it in a good setting and make a few perfect shots. Then all of sudden the grind radically changes and the shot either chokes or flows through in 8 seconds. No amount of tinkering can get it back. I can put the lever on 10 and still get a grind so close to Turkish that my espresso machine won't put out a drop. Then all of sudden after grinding that way 5 or 6 times, without changing the adjustment it will start putting out coffee the consistency of gravel. The burrs in my machine seem to be slipping all over the place with no relationship to the lever settings. I guess I will have to deal with Baratza customer service and figure out what is going on, but this is an annoyance that is like my prior experience with their products and many people I know: if you get a working product on the first try you're lucky. (Posted on 9/6/2014)
Well built, versatile, quiet, and attractiveReview by Marty
I bought this grinder because I wanted one machine that would do everything from drip to espresso, and it really delivers. The machine is fast, quiet (for a grinder), and the grinds are very consistent. The stainless steel is very attractive (much better than the cheaper Baratza models) and the touchscreen is nice looking as well. The grinder is also not very big - it's shorter than my brewer and doesn't take up a lot of counter space.

For drip, I love the by-weight grinding feature: when I change beans, I don't have to guess how long to grind to get the right amount. I was expecting it to be gimmicky but it's actually awesome! And it does it FAST - enough for a full pot on my Technivorm takes less than 20 seconds. Lastly, the machine is very heavy and seems extremely well built - heavy duty belt drive motor, etc. I highly recommend the Forte, if you're willing to shell out the cash. You won't regret it. (Posted on 2/22/2014)

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