Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Coffee Maker


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Bring an Italian classic into your own home with the Bialetti Moka Express stovetop coffee maker. Largely unchanged from its original 1930s design, the Moka Express harnesses steam pressure to brew coffee. The end result is a full-bodied, syrupy concentrate similar to espresso, without the excessive equipment and fine-tuned brew parameters of a classic machine. And, with easily available gaskets and brew screens, your Moka Pot will be gurgling happily for years of brewing.

Features and Functionality of the Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Coffee Maker

  • Espresso Cup Sizes - Unlike regular coffee makers, the sizes of Moka pot cups correspond roughly with 2 oz. espresso cups.
  • Steam Pressure Brewing - Moka Pots heat water over the stove to push steam up through a coffee basket, resulting in a unique extraction process at a relatively low 1.5 to 2 bars of pressure.
  • Pressure Valve - The Moka Express comes equipped with a brass pressure release valve that prevents overpressurization of the lower water chamber.
  • Simple And Compact - A Moka Pot is easily one of the smallest brewing devices, and is entirely self-contained.
  • Nothing Quite Like It - The morning ritual with a Moka Pot is well-known the world-over. The distinctive gurgling sound as it finishes heralds thick, rich coffee that complements cream exceptionally well.
  • Fuss-free Maintenance - Preparing for your next batch of coffee is easy! Dump grinds from basket and give everything a quick rinse.
  • Finicky - While a Moka Pot can deliver a famously rich brew, learning to use one well takes many a bitter morning. It's a good thing they last so long.
  • Locked In - Your brew ratios for a Moka Pot are pretty limited. They're really designed to be brewed with full coffee baskets and water reservoirs.
How Does it Compare? The Moka Express is the classic, aluminum-cast stovetop design. For a stainless steel version, take a look at the Bialetti Musa.
Tips and Tricks Everyone and their grandmother has a Moka Pot recipe, here are some handy tips to find the brew just right for you!
  • Try preheating your water in the microwave, or heat the bottom reservoir to boiling before screwing on the upper reservoir.
  • Play with grind size, but we've had best results with a slightly finer than pour over consistency.
  • Remove from heat once you hear bubbling from the pot, this means its almost out of water and will help prevent burning your coffee.


Manufacturer Bialetti
Model Number Moka Express
Width 6 Cup: 4.25 inches
Depth 6 Cup: 7.375 inches
Height 6 Cup: 8.25 inches
Material Aluminum
Case Material Aluminum
Reservoir Size 3 Cup: 6 oz | 6 Cup: 12 oz
Max/Min Ounces per Pot 6 to 12 ounces
Warm Up: Brew Time Variable




Warranty Information

What it Covers: Bialetti stovetop coffee makers

Length: 1 Year

Who Supports the Warranty: Bialetti USA

Warranty Contact Information: 800-421-6290

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

Care and Maintenance

  • Do not store with reservoir tightened over gasket, this will result in prematurely wearing out the pressure seal.
  • Hand wash only, with soap as needed.
  • Do not fill reservoir over over pressure valve.


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