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Black & White Coffee Roasters - The Future

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The Future is a coffee that looks forward. As anaerobic processing propagates, B&W decided to craft a roast that balances the flavors from this processing style while celebrating the unique characteristics that it brings to coffee. Anaerobic processing sees coffee held in an oxygen free environment to encourage the growth of bacteria that produce lactic acid. This increased acidity results in delightful fruity flavors, and can help coffee grown at lower elevations develop flavor profiles similar to coffee grown higher up. In this particular coffee, B&W lists complex notes of juicy, tropical fruits. Best enjoyed as a pour over.

Roast Level
Something Different

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  • Product Size: 12 oz
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Recommended Brew Methods

We recommend a 16:1 water to coffee ratio for your dosing. Use a scale for best results! For pour over, use a medium-coarse grind size somewhere between drip and press levels. Start with a short pour to wet the grounds and “bloom” the coffee for 30 seconds, followed by two more pours, divided in half to reach the appropriate remaining ratio of water to coffee.

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Superautos make brewing espresso easy. All you need to do is add beans to the hopper and press a button to pull yourself a shot. If your shot is a bit sour you’ll want to dial the grinder a little bit finer and try again. If it’s bitter, dial it a little coarser. You can find instructions on how to do this for your machine in the manual. Just remember to avoid oily beans that can clog your superauto’s grinder!

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