4...3...2...1...Pulling Delicious Shots with the La Pavoni

People often think that La Pavoni's manual lever espresso machines are overly complex throwbacks created just for hardcore purists, but they're actually relatively easy machines to use -- and they make amazing espresso!

In this video, watch Gail use the La Pavoni for the first time, experimenting with different grind levels in order to get a great shot.

3 thoughts on “4...3...2...1...Pulling Delicious Shots with the La Pavoni”

  • mcc

    Hi Gail, hi Kat,

    the above video was one of only a few reasons whether I decided to buy a La Pavoni Europiccola (living in Europe) and I watch your video from time to time -- I =LIKE= it !!!! :)

    To be able to manipulate all parameters of an Espresso shot (grind, tamper, temperature, pressure, duration of the extraction,...) with a La Pavoni also implies that you need to do so... ;)
    I really would like to see more videos about handling the La Pavoni manual lever Espresso machines since there are still much too many Eb*y auctions initiated by frustrated La Pavoni users who wants to sell their "La Diva".
    Thank you very much for this video and for all the other videos! Its a great source of information!
    Happy New Year!
    Best Espressos!

    • Kat

      Thanks for sharing your feedback on this! Totally agree - the LP is a great machine that really does allow you to get literally hands on when crafting espresso :)

      Hope you have a great 2014!

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