Tech Tip: Superautomatics and Oily Beans

We have written before about the no love lost between superautomatic espresso machines and oily, dark roasted coffee beans, but when we got a machine in the repair center last week that was caked to the gills with coffee cement, we just had to film it and show you what we're talking about.

Watch Gail take apart the grinder of a Saeco Vienna superautomatic espresso machine and show what happens over time to the internal grinders on these machines if someone is using super-dark and oily beans. We definitely recommend sticking with a lighter, drier roast for the long term health of your machine -- and now you'll see why!

2 thoughts on “Tech Tip: Superautomatics and Oily Beans”

  • Karen Tuell

    I am pUrchasing the Saeco Vienna superaUtomatic machine & was wondering if someone could recommend a good roast to use in it. No flavors, just good rich Coffee. I want to try to stay away from the oilier roasts to help prolong the life of my machine.

    • Kat

      Almost all of the coffees that we sell on our site can be used in the Saecos -- Lavazza, illy, Velton's, Caffe Umbria, Zoka, etc. Just be sure they specify a medium or light roast and you'll be set.

      Hope that helps!

      - Kat

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