Brew Tip: Dialing in Your Grinder

If you've just picked up a new grinder or an espresso machine/grinder package and you're wondering how to get it setup for that perfect shot extraction, check out this video. Gail shows us how to calibrate a grinder with an espresso machine and discusses tips for determining the extraction level and tweaking your puck.

2 thoughts on “Brew Tip: Dialing in Your Grinder”

  • Peter


    I'm not sure if it's ok to ask questions here, but i'll give it a go anyway.
    I'm planing on buying the Rancilio Silvia but my budget isn't good enough to buy the Rocky grinder at the same time. I already have a Saeco MAC001 grinder and my question is if my grinder will be able to grind fine enough for the Silvia? I've heard that the Silvia is really "picky" about the grinding.



    • Kat

      We're not super familiar with this grinder, but if it's similar to the Starbucks or Titan models, it won't grind fine enough for you to use with the Silvia.

      If you're looking for a stop-gap and don't want to drop a ton of change on the grinder right now, you could go with the Capresso Infinity, which is $89 in the black plastic version. This grinder will go fine enough, but it isn't as consistent as we'd like, so that shot flavor can suffer a bit with it. For the cheapest grinder that combines the fineness and uniformity, we recommend the Virtuoso by Baratza.

      Let me know if you have more questions about which grinder will meet your needs -- happy to help!

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