Rancilio Silvia V3 Single-Hole Steam Tip

When Rancilio was reworking the new Silvia, which was released in May, they tested it with a three-hole steam tip. It seemed to work just fine in their European testing labs, but when it hit the market in the US, they got nothing but grief. Ostensibly the difference in using a machine on 220V as opposed to 110V, the tip just didn't offer a big improvement -- the power and the boiler size simply couldn't support the increase in steam expression and the resulting milk frothing was sub par.

Since the first iteration of the V3, they have released a new round of machines that comes standard with a single-hole steam tip. The steam wand is still the awesome, 360 degree articulating wand that we have grown to love on the V3, but with a single hole in the steam tip instead of three holes -- which has vastly improved the steaming performance. If you've got the first generation of the Silvia V3 and would like to see how a one-hole tip performs, you can pick one up for just $9.95.

3 thoughts on “Rancilio Silvia V3 Single-Hole Steam Tip”

  • Rami

    I'd take the 3 holes over my "froth-aided" wand on my FrancisFrancis! X5 anytime! its a real pita, but I found an old mr coffee machine that has some of the strongest steaming ive seen so i crank that up when i want to froth...

    Kat, what do you think of the Andreja Premium, or is it the Anita? im not sure, but the one thats closer to the $1000 mark, u guys working on a review of that anytime soon?


    • Kat

      Glad you saw the video :)

      The Anita is a great little machine -- good features and a good price. The three hole tip does sound better than it actually is, though; It's hard to build up the steam and work the milk, people have had a lot of trouble with it.

      Hey, you should look at the aeroccino that we just added -- it's a little stand alone milk frothing unit that makes surprisingly good microfoam. It could be your minor improvement while you save up for your Anita :)

      If you have any questions on the Anita, let me know; we also have a video that compares the Anita and the Andreja -- should be able to find it here by searching for 'Andreja'.

  • Rami

    oh woops, nevermind, just saw the video from the previous post, now on to saving money LOL

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