Handpresso with Domepod

We have dug the Handpresso for awhile now, because it's a simple and lo-fi way to pull a single shot on the road -- all you need is coffee, hot water and your own powerful strength! One thing that folks didn't dig about it, however, was that it was ESE pod-only, which had the pro of being very mess-free (great for travel) but a con of not being as good as freshly ground coffee.

The machine was recently upgraded, however, with a new contraption called a Domepod, which will allow you to use your favorite fresh ground coffee. It's the same price and makes an excellent single shot of espresso on the go. It is a bit messier, however, so we suppose that -- like most things in life -- you gotta give a little to get a little.

2 thoughts on “Handpresso with Domepod”

  • GeorgeG

    I have used my HP Wild Domepod now for three months. The build quality and the espresso quality is just outstanding! Handpresso has also introduced a sealed case for three domepods, which I have had now for one week. I must say it makes life much easier. I prepare three shots of Illy coffee in the morning before going to work. Thanks Handpresso!

  • MokkaDani

    I've got the Domepod since a few days. I'm quite impressed how nice the tool is made. The Coffe (Ristretto size) is good. But the Coffee Beans have to be crushed really fine.
    In the users Manual it's written, that the Domepod-Insert has to be changed every 500 Coffees. I'm a little upset that the inserts can't be bought spearately. They are only available in a case, which costs 20 Euro including three Pieces.
    The spare parts should be available separately.
    But hey, if you don't have it yet, go buy it, enjoy your coffee and write an email to Handpresso. One day they're gonna be selling those parts if everyone wants it. contact@handpresso.fr

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