Giving New Meaning to the Phrase 'Empty Calories'

This infographic from awhile back laid out the different caloric intake of foods and drinks and the required energy output to balance their input, but we recently ran across this blog entry over at World of Mysteries that evaluated and named what they think are the 20 most harmful drinks in the US. Comparing each drink's sugar content to another not-so-healthy food, they list several drinks that you'd expect to find on there -- and painfully outline some coffee drinks as well.

Ever thought about what sucking down 68 strips of bacon would be like? Stop into your local Cold Stone Creamery to find out. Ijole!

Yeah, we'll stick with our straight espresso shots, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Giving New Meaning to the Phrase 'Empty Calories'”

  • Tom B

    Well let's face it Kat. How much espresso / coffee is really in those drinks ... and can we really call them drinks? I call them dessert if I have one!

    • Kat

      Well, you and I both know that -- but a lot of people drink some of these crazy Starbucks drinks regularly without giving much thought to what they're actually eating/drinking. :D

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