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You may recall a post we wrote last year that measured the temperature in a Technivorm thermal carafe, testing it at brew and then tracking it hour by hour to see how the temperature held up over time. In general, we have had a small percentage of customers report that their new Technivorm coffee makers don't brew hot enough; after testing some returned models, speaking with the manufacturer and testing known working models, we determined that, ultimately, this was largely a question of personal preference.

Some people love their coffee to be really, really hot -- and that's cool! But the Technivorm is designed with a different end goal in mind. Watch as Gail talks to us about what you can expect from this drip coffee maker.

3 thoughts on “Technivorm & Temperature”

  • Leonard Satsky
    Leonard Satsky June 24, 2010 at 4:43 am

    Nice site you have. Congrats!

  • Wen

    I stopped using my Technivorm thermal carafe because it doesn't hold temperatures nearly as well as your chart shows. Immediately after brewing, it was 175 F, and 45 minutes later the temperature had dropped to 138 F. It has always cooled quickly, even when new, 18 mos ago. So I've had to switch to a Nissan-Thermos carafe, which after an hour is still at 165 F. Is there something wrong with my original carafe? It's a KBT-741.

    • Kat

      Not sure, but it sounds like something could have been up with it. Were you pre-heating the carafe with hot water to begin with? If you purchased it in the US, you could contact the importer, Boyd's, who just extended their warranty to 5 years (retroactive) so if you purchased it within the past five years you could talk to them and see if they'll swap it out.

      - Kat

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