Ascaso Dream UP + Brew Head Upgrade

The Ascaso Dream UP is considered a 'versatile' espresso machine, meaning that -- like its predecessor -- the brew head has been designed for use with both ESE pods and ground coffee. However, the stock brew head definitely favors pods and you don't get as rich of a shot using grounds as you can off of other machines in this class.

When we did our review recently, we noticed that even though the new UP has a three-way solenoid valve, it didn't seem to perform that well, leaving really soupy grounds behind. So we decided to experiment with the machine by installing the Brew Head Upgrade kit to see if that improved the performance. It did!

Watch Gail show us the different screens, talk about how they perform and demonstrate a shot. We even spliced in footage from the original review (accompanied by super sessy muzak!) for easy side-by-side comparison.

2 thoughts on “Ascaso Dream UP + Brew Head Upgrade”

  • Steven Peyster
    Steven Peyster March 24, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    Any chance you could sell me a parts kit and diagram for upgrading my Ascaso Dream to a Dream UP? Onmthe basis of examining a photo of the inside of the Dream UP and my experience tearing down and rebuilding my machine, I have decided that I can definitely do the job. Please advise if you can order the necessary parts for me.

    • Kat

      Hi Steven,

      The primary difference between the two is the solenoid functionality and we don't carry these parts, unfortunately. I'm not certain if the adaptation is even possible ... may be worth hunting around on some equipment owner forums to see if anyone has successfully done so.

      Sorry we can't be of more assistance!
      - Kat

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