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Rancilio Rocky Grinder Hopper & Oily Beans

Another Rancilio-related FAQ is about the Rocky grinder. Over the last six months or so, we've seen an increase in customers contacting us with issues around the Rocky's ability to effectively grind oilier dark-roasted beans. Gail talks to us about the issue and her theory about what's going on.

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  • Bruce Ross

    Help!!!!!!! I have a Rancilio Rocky Doser model grinder...that does a GREAT job! However, ...
    I took the adjustable bin off to clean it and vacuum it out...I removed the three that hold the tri-pod problem so far. So, I cleaned it out and put it back together noting the screw that sticks out of the bottom of the bin and is used as a catch for adjusting the grind. I've tried putting the screw both before and after the tab that you hold down so the bin will move...or lock in place, but the problem is it isn't working to adjust the just makes the grind very course. I've done this now about 3 time always with the same result. Can anybody give me a clue about how to put this back together correctly? Oh...also, I've done it once successfully about 4 months ago...I even exposed the burr grinders to clean. Do you also know what screws get removed in order to do that?
    Humpty Dumpty would greatly appreciate any help...
    Thank you...

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