Ascaso Dream UP: Boiler Refill & Temperature Surfing

The most frequent repair issue we see on Ascaso Dream machines (both the older version and the new UP) is a burned out boiler. These machines are single boilers without an automatic boiler refill, so folks often burn out the boiler because they don't pull enough fresh water into the boiler before trying to steam or brew.

Watch Gail as she walks us through refilling the boiler and temperature surfing on the Dream UP.

5 thoughts on “Ascaso Dream UP: Boiler Refill & Temperature Surfing”

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  • Todd

    I bought a Dream from an unamed competitor and I have major buyers remorse. They have done little to help. Ironically, within a year and a half (2 weeks ago) my boiler burned out. The machine is now a bucket of bolts on a counter top. I coach soccer for a living, so to be honest, the money I spent was a lot of money for my family and I so I do not even know if I will be able to convince my wife of getting another machine. How much should a boiler replacement cost? Any advice for me? Thank you. I wish the company who sold me the machine would have handled the sales and service process correctly so this all could have been avoided. Take care.

    • Kat

      This is definitely something we see more often than not with these machines. If you want to get this machine back on its feet, you can have a tech take care of the repair/replacement for you -- our in house Dream boiler repair rough estimate is $200 for parts/labor (but a final estimate will be provided once we see a machine). Or, if you're technically savvy enough to replace it yourself without tech support, you could purchase the parts here:

      Our parts sales come with no installation assistance, however, so I only recommend this route if you feel you can repair it on your own -- especially because the parts aren't returnable.

      If you'd like to send it to us for repair, you can send an email to us at with the following information:

      First & Last Name:
      Primary Contact Phone Number:
      Shipping Address:
      Machine Make & Model:
      What's going on with the machine?:
      How long has this been happening?:
      What regular maintenance have you been performing?:

      We'll send you a Repair Authorization and instructions for shipping/bringing the machine to us. But definitely check around to see if there's someone local to you (if we aren't) because these machines aren't super complex and you likely might be able to find someone to handle it without shipping it out.

      If you do ship to us you're looking at around $300 or so expenditure, and you can get a new machine for that price, although they would be a bit of a step down in aesthetic design, smaller boilers and have panarellos on their wands.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions -- sorry to hear about this happening with your machine and if I can help, I'd be happy to.

      - Kat

  • Claudia Gonzalez
    Claudia Gonzalez October 16, 2012 at 3:23 am

    Hi Kat,

    What parts should I purchase if i want to try repairing the boiler myself? Does your website still offer that part? I have an Ascaso dream Special edition machine. It’s not the "up" version and i purchased it used on-line but a few months later and my steamer is no longer working. I can pull a shot just fine but when I go to steam, nothing ejects from the wand. I have to admit I didn't know this sequential order in making an espresso was so important to the machine. I think I might have burned out the boiler. Thanks in advance for your feedback.



    • Kat

      Claudia -

      It doesn't sound like your boiler is burnt out; if it was, you wouldn't be able to make espresso. Have you been descaling the machine regularly? Is the coffee hot enough, etc., when it comes out?

      If the boiler burns out, you will not have any temperature / functionality at all. I'd try a thorough descaling and then contact your retailer to discuss warranty / repair.

      - Kat

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