New! Saeco Talea Touch Plus Superauto

Back in the day, there was a bit of a communication snafu, when Saeco USA branded what was the Talea Touch as the Talea Touch Plus. In fact, before this month, the Talea Touch Plus has never been available in the US, despite what miscellaneous advertising copy you may have read -- and we were guilty, too, of spreading the misinformation until we cleaned up our act early last year.

But now the legitimate Touch Plus is available in the US and it's brandishing one major difference from its predecessor: The touch screen is black & amber instead of white & black. Otherwise, the functionality appears to be the same as the initial version of the Touch -- and it has been manufactured more recently, so that definitely is a plus. We'll know more when we get one in the store to play around with, but feel free to jump on the train now!

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