Crew Review: Breville Smart Grinder - Updated

Breville have produced many gorgeous pieces of equipment that seem to favor form a little over function. They have some great features that we really love, but sometimes the overall performance isn't ideal. However, as with every machine, there are pros and cons and the Smart Grinder has a lot of really great aspects to its design: We love the metal casing, the pull rings, the digital interface and how you dial in the grind. Where it didn't measure up for us, however, was that it indicates you can use it with a traditional non-pressurized extraction and we were not able to do so successfully -- it just doesn't go fine enough right now.

We contacted Breville about this and they are working on ways to improve it so we are really hopeful that this will be a great multi-purpose grinder in the future. At present, it's a good choice for drip / press pot and pressurized espresso extraction -- but stay tuned on any future improvements coming down the line. For now, watch Gail take us through this grinder's features and test how it performs.

Update 3/16/11: We were able to meet with Breville and they provided us with shims in order to tweak the burrs on the grinder. Watch Gail install and test here:

4 thoughts on “Crew Review: Breville Smart Grinder - Updated”

  • Peter

    I contacted Breville about the issue you described in the video about not grinding as fine. They told me there is another piece that will allow you to get a finer grind. Were you able to retest this grinder with that attachment?

    • Kat

      Yes - we met them at the International Housewares Show and they have developed shims for customers who purchased previously manufactured grinders to adjust the burrs more finely. They are also tweaking how they manufacture the burrs so they will start out this way, and will also be including shims for people to customize the grinder for their own use.

      We tested the burrs with the shims and they worked great. Video will be posted on YouTube this week.

      - Kat

  • jeff

    Hi Kat:
    Just curious as what Breville has done with this grinder. Is it now manufactured to be able to grind for espresso machines or do we still have to buy the shim upgrade?


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