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Crew Review: Saeco Via Venezia - Certified Refurbished

It's no secret that we have a sweet and abiding love for the petite figure and suitable functionality of Saeco's Via Venezia. Having had a previous life as the base design for the highly popular series of Starbucks Barista machines, we know that many of you share this love -- particularly when we see these well-loved machines over a decade old coming in for a little tune up. These babies are built to last.

So when we were able to take on a batch of refurbs of the Via Venezia, we jumped on it, of course! Gail takes us through the features and functions -- if you didn't know them by now.

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2 thoughts on “Crew Review: Saeco Via Venezia - Certified Refurbished”

  • Sharee

    Hey ladies~
    love your videos as I am an espresso geek myself ;) I bought one of these back in June of 2010 and have had a hard time getting the "right" flavor from this machine. But im pretty sure it's because im really picky;) It is really simple which is great! About 3 months ago the Steam button stopped working. When i push it in it shows that is still on but it doesn't trigger the boiler to heat up so unless i stand there with my finger on the button it doesn't work. Is this a common problem for this machine? And what could i do to fix it?

    thanks so much

    You guys are so great!!

    • Kat

      Hi Sharee!

      This is a common issue and the button should be swapped out by Saeco if it is under warranty (assuming that it still is since you bought it less than a year ago). You can contact them at 800-933-7876 and let them know what's going on; they'll issue a warranty RA for you with info on the closest regional repair center to which you should bring/ship the machine. Let us know if you need any other assistance.

      - Kat

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