Crew Review: Quick Mill Monza Superautomatic

A couple of years ago, Quick Mill's first superautomatic offering hit the US market. It had a lot of great things about it -- primarily that it had a heated metal brew group -- but the fit and finish left a bit to be desired. They took it back to the workshop and revamped it a little, addressing several of the things we didn't dig about the first edition, and have now released the Monza.

Gail takes us through its features and then demonstrates its shot and steaming functionality. If you're looking for a superautomatic that will get you the closest to a traditional espresso extraction, this may be the machine for you.

4 thoughts on “Crew Review: Quick Mill Monza Superautomatic”

  • Pete

    Thanks for doing the review on this machine. I'm impressed that it's got a metal brew group but I still see some things that need 'fixing'.
    The steam wand seems incredibly weak. The milk was hardly moving in the pitcher when you were steaming and that would make it impossible to get micro foam! From previous experience I had with this device on a milk frother they made a few years back, the cappucinatore (however it's spelled) is prone to clogging. It's very easy for milk to crust over inside it and clog the jet. The water tray seems a little tricky to get to and the far that you can't get a double shot out of it or put more than about 8 grams of coffee into a shot without it leaking out the top of the brew basket shows that it's not producing a true espresso... more like very strong coffee.

    Thank you for showing this thing in operation. After seeing you put it through its paces I don't think this is the machine for me!

    • Kat

      Pete -

      It's probably the best that you can get, superautomatic-wise, but the features / products you're talking about would be best found on a traditional espresso machine, most definitely :)

      - Kat

  • greg


    Sorry about the caps. Your concise and exellent reviews are considered before all of my barista purchases. This review influenced my choice to purchase the monza. might you share the share the settings SCG uses with your showroom monza with Lavazza for optimum product?

    • Kat

      Well, we don't have this guy on the floor any more, so I can't recall or give you good settings. But the benefit of this machine is that you can dial it in more closely to how you dial in a standard espresso machine because the tech is very similar. So if you follow the basic rules of thumb around shot timing and grinding, you should get it to a great place (given that your tamp is always going to be the same) :D


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