The sun is out and all you can think about is an ice cold drink -- one that will cool you down as well as give you the requisite kick in the pants to get that party started. We've included both boozy and non-boozy versions of this recipe so you can share with everyone, regardless of their tastes.

Ingredients - with booze:

Ingredients - without booze:


  1. Boozy: Mix equal parts Kahlua, Bailey's and Vodka on ice in a cocktail shaker (enough for one glass). Non-Boozy: Blend 1/2 cup of strong coffee with cream, sugar and ice until it's a smooth mixture.
  2. Take your 8 oz glass and hold it at a 45 degree angle while you pour the sauce directly onto the sides of the glass. Turn the glass around as you pour the Monin Dark Chocolate sauce so that you have "mud" sliding all around the glass.
  3. Pour your cocktail or iced coffee mixture into the “mud” coated glass. Serve at once. Feel free to top it off with some whip cream for an extra treat.

For the non-alcoholic version make sure that the coffee is very cold before pouring it into the prepared glass. Otherwise, the chocolate will melt and mix into the coffee and you won’t get the mudslide effect. While drinking your coffee mudslide, swirl the coffee before every sip so that the chocolate syrup slowly mixes in.

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