Crew Review: DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino

In a sea of one-touch superautomatics, only the strong will survive! And the short -- of course, we are biased since we are members of the goblin class. But if there's one thing people don't love about these highly functional robotic cappuccino machines, it's that they often take up more counter space than a small child (which probably shouldn't be let loose on the counter, but we don't judge). So all the kids have come to the table with their version of a diminutive one-touch that gives you automated milk frothing and espresso shots at the touch of a button.

The newest contender is DeLonghi's Magnifica S Cappucino. Watch Gail go through features, functionality and make one-touch drinks, including measuring the temp on the autofroth.

6 thoughts on “Crew Review: DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino”

  • Mike

    Did you test the temperature of the milk with less air? I'm curious to know how it measures up...especially with the setting on the far left of the milk container.

  • tanya

    Don't see any reviews yet on this product. What are you seeing as far as quality is concerned? We are not fancy coffee people, we just like a good latte. We are also looking at the exprelia, but was not sure if $300 is worth the additional cost. Any thoughts? Thanks for all your videos!

    • Kat

      Quality is great - build quality hasn't had any issues so far and we haven't seen any warranty repairs on them yet. The biggest decision for you is in regard to milk temp; if you guys are 'extra hot' latte drinkers, get a model with a wand (the Exprelia offers both), but if you're generally okay with standard latte temp at a cafe, this is a great choice.

      - Kat

  • Judy

    Hi Kat - we are also debating between the Magnifica S Cappuccino and the Exprelia. Apart from the single vs dual milk frothers and the price, what other key differences should we note in making our decision? If I am not mistaken: the Magnifica is housed in silver-colored plastic whereas the the Exprelia is housed in stainless steel, and the Magnifica has a single boiler whereas the Exprelia has a double boiler? Does the Magnifica have similar cleaning and descaling functions has the Exprelia? Cheers, Judy

    • Kat

      Hi Judy!

      The differences you point out are correct, save the heating stuff. Both of them have dual thermoblocks for the brew and steam functionality (no dual pumps, however, so the functions have to be done separately).

      While the Magnifica S is one of the hottest auto-frothers we've carried, it doesn't meet some folks' needs. Additionally, the foam is on the fluffier side, not much like a shaving cream kind of consistency. If you have someone in the house who likes really hot milk, the Exprelia would enable them to steam their milk to their desired temperature. If you guys never order your lattes or cappuccinos 'extra hot,' you will likely be fine with the auto froth temperature.

      Their cleaning and descaling is very similar.

      Hope that helps!
      - Kat

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