How Much Time to Make 4 Lattes?

If you've got a party rockin' hard, you don't really want to be away from it too long, do you? That's the question posed to us by several of our YouTube viewers: How long does it take to make 4 lattes on a few different machines?

So we asked Bunny to perform some testing for us! Watch as she whips up four drinks on the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione, Nuova Simonelli Oscar, Rancilio Silvia, Crossland CC1 and Saeco Via Venezia to see how quickly each of them will produce these lattes.

4 thoughts on “How Much Time to Make 4 Lattes?”

  • Max

    I bet if you recharge the boiler on the Silvia after each steaming you could cut the time down. The PID will tell you when there's enough water...

    • Kat

      Not sure what you mean? We did that each time -- steam, temperature surf to brew temp, brew coffee, bring the boiler back up to steam temp. What do you mean by 'recharge' ?

      - Kat

  • RickG

    Loved the video - Bunny is awesome! It was fun to see the varieties of espresso machines at work.

    I tried this at home with our Saeco Comfort+ superautomatic just as a comparison. Not having the separate grinding system saves time. With the machine in ready mode, it took 7 minutes and 48 seconds to make four lattes.

    Thanks for the video.

    • Kat

      Thanks for sharing your experiences! Since you're also using a thermoblock steam function I suspect that also accounts for some speed up in time -- you don't have to wait for boilers to warm up or cool down. Great to know how quickly you were able to make your drinks on the superauto :)

      - Kat

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