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Crew Review: Bodum Santos/Pebo Vacuum Pot

Rade breaks it down for us again! Fresh from his success with the stovetop, he shows us another brew method that is nothing if not simple. And it doubles as a science project!

Watch as he talks to us about how Bodum's vacuum coffee pot works and demonstrates brewing a cup of smooth java.

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2 thoughts on “Crew Review: Bodum Santos/Pebo Vacuum Pot”

  • Mike from Alsager
    Mike from Alsager November 4, 2011 at 1:25 am


    Sorry to be pedantic but I thought I counted 10 scoops rather than 8, is that right? How long did the whole process take, it looked about 15 minutes based on your wall clock? Would it work ok on a halogen hob?

    Take care


    • Kat

      Hi Mike -

      Could very well have been as we were chatting so he could have gotten sidetracked, or was adding for correction on shorter scoops - not positive.

      It was about 15 minutes overall; not sure about the halogen - we don't have one here to test it out on, so don't know, sorry :/

      - Kat

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