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Brewin' with Brandi: Caramel and Spice and Everything Nice!

We're always whipping up concoctions laden with caffeine and/or booze in them, so this time around Brandi went with something a little bit more kid-friendly. Watch her make this caramel and cinnamon laced cream soda. Recipe details below!



Combine the syrups, half & half and sparkling water together, mix well. Pour over tall glass of ice.

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2 thoughts on “Brewin' with Brandi: Caramel and Spice and Everything Nice!”

  • Quixotequest

    If you want a traditional egg cream soda like texture you make a traditional soda base, which is a small batch of simple syrup into which you dissolve cream of tartar. When cooled you then fold in one beaten egg white and add your flavorings - Monin syrup, liquer, vanilla, whatever.

    Then when you mix a drink into a tall soda glass you add some base, a dash of acid (wine vinegar or citrus juice), half and half or 4% milk, and then use soda water instead of sparkling water. Stir with a long bar spoon. It will react and form a lovely foam head and nice soda body.

    I have my ratios written down at home; I can post a follow up if you're intrigued by the idea.

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