Crew Review: Hottop Coffee Roaster

Now it's time for the Cadillac! Next up in our roasting series with Rob is the Hottop, a high-end home roaster that looks like a traditional commercial roaster was just shrunk down by 85%.

Watch as Rob takes us through features and specs of the KN-8828B model, we roast our first batch and then taste it a few days later.

6 thoughts on “Crew Review: Hottop Coffee Roaster”

  • Devon McCarroll

    Did this one smell much when roasting?

    • Kat

      It smoked a lot more than any of the other models -- plumes that came out the top. The smell wasn't too intense, but I'd probably keep this in the garage or some other type of space with good ventilation.

      - Kat

  • Sam

    I personally do not own the HotTop, but I plan on purchasing one in the next few months. I have spoken to a few people that own one and they say to roast in a well ventilated area - a kitchen with a ducted range hood or in front of an open window with a window fan set to exhaust does the trick. The HotTop manual says to use this roaster indoors in the manner i described above. Using the roaster in this way, the smoke can be controlled and roast smells can also be controlled for the most part.

    Many other people roast outdoors (patios, garages, covered porches), but not everyone is lucky to live in consistent seasonal temperatures, so some ingenuity is required. I have heard incredible things about the quality of the roasts this machine can produce, although there is a learning curve.

  • Sam

    I have been using my Hottop go 2 months now and I roast in my apartment's kitchen in front of a window with a cheap window fan running on exhaust. I get absolutely no smoke and only a slight smell that lasts no more than 10 minutes. For the price of the fan it's a great way to use th Hottop indoors, especially in the colder months.

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