Coffee Roaster Round-up

We laughed, we cried, we lost a few brain cells -- but we did gain valuable insight into home roasting! As a recap to our series on the four home roasters we currently carry (the iRoast 2, Nesco, Behmor and Hottop), Rob shares with us what he learned about the different models, how they compare and tips he learned along the way.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Roaster Round-up”

  • Devon McCarroll

    I'm curious, I read on another forum that someone contacted Behmor about roasting for espresso, and they said it's not made for that. Since we only drink lattes, are any of the roasters made for doing espresso roast, or just regular coffee?

    • Kat

      Well, there are some misconceptions about what constitutes espresso in the coffee bean world -- is it a blend, is it a roast, is it a specific type of bean? This is exacerbated by 'espresso roast' sometimes being used by large roasters in order to denote darker hues (you can read a break down of the different shades, names and flavors in this blog article).

      '3rd wave' is focused on espresso blends vs. roast color and, therefore, many of them that you find from local roasters are at a medium roast. If that's what you dig, then you can definitely use this roaster to get to that place, but if you're trying to get a super dark roast, I don't know how successful you'll be. You can also read more about the roasting process, bean types, etc. in an article I wrote a few years ago -- It Starts with Great Coffee.

      - Kat

  • Devon McCarroll

    Wow, thank you! That's really helpful. We both prefer a lighter roast--I like the sweeter, nuttier flavors in some espresso. Super dark roasts (like that chain place that starts with an "S") just gag me. We don't even buy the roast that Vivace recommends for lattes, we get their lighter roast, but lately it's been awfully dark and I can tell it's been roasted longer because I'm finding beans with holes in them that have obviously become shrapnel!

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