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New! Non-Pressurized & Bottomless Portafilters for Saeco & Starbucks Machines

The most popular mod/upgrade to Saeco and Starbucks semi-automatic machines is the non-pressurized portafilter, which turns a pretty basic machine into one that can produce shots that rival gear several hundred dollars up the food chain. When the last of them that Saeco had produced were gone, we knew we had to do something to fill the gap.

So we had them produced ourselves! And since we could do anything we wanted, we made them chrome-plated brass and also requested a bottomless model be manufactured. The new model of the non-pressurized portafilter is significantly upgraded in terms of temp stability and design, and we're really digging it!

Watch Gail talk about these new toys and demonstrate a shot using the bottomless model.

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