Compare: Breville Dual Boiler v. Nuova Simonelli Oscar

Yet another comparison match! Watch Gail walk us through the features on the Breville Dual Boiler and Nuova Simonelli Oscar, then pull shots and make lattes to show how they perform.

One thought on “Compare: Breville Dual Boiler v. Nuova Simonelli Oscar”

  • Jim Walker

    Thanks for doing this review. It was nice to see both of these machines compared. A couple of things worth mentioning about the NS Oscar is that it comes with a two year warranty instead of a one year warranty and that the current draw is only 1200 Watts compared to the Breville being 1700 Watts (if I remember right). The Breville may require its own 15 Amp circuit whereas the NS Oscar doesn't require that. Another factor that I have considered is that the Oscar has been out several years so its pluses and minuses are well know. Parts and good documentation are also available for this model. It's hard to say if Breville will be able to do the same for the DB. The Breville DB looks very impressive, but I think I will wait a while before I purchase a Breville. I would like to see what people are saying about this unit a year or two out. One other item is that you can do all of the cleaning yourself on the NS Oscar and not have to pay for water filters and 3-year professional maintenance. Breville's total cost of ownership seems higher to me than the NS.

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