Crew Review: Chemex

The Chemex is easily one of the most long-loved piece of coffee brewing equipment -- it's simple, easy to use and creates an excellent cup of coffee. Also, who can't love it's cool 70's-era design?!

Watch Allison take our 6-cup Chemex out for a test drive, providing some tips from what she's learned in her research and experiments and brewing up a couple lovely cups of coffee.


6 thoughts on “Crew Review: Chemex”

  • Michelle

    Hi Allison,
    Great video & yes scientific too!
    It's my favourite drink first thing in the morning & then thru the day!
    Works great exam times when you have to awake studying as well!
    Keep up the good work

  • Eric

    The current World Brewer's Cup Champion (an international competition on manual, craft coffee brewing) is Keith O'Sullivan and he won the world competition using a Chemex. He has a blog here: And, he says that the Chemex method he used to win is essentially what people in coffee call the "Hoffman method" (based on a video by Square Mile Coffee owner & former World Barista champ James Hoffman. Hoffman's method can be viewed in the video here:

    P.S. I love ordering equipment from SCG and seeing instructional videos from you guys! It's awesome to see y'all using scales to measure water and also awesome to see you're using a solid 1:16 coffee to water ratio *** sidenote: I have a blog post about appropriate coffee to water ratios and how they are often misused at

    Also, you mentioned "putting more coffee and less water" would make it stronger but, technically, doing that would mean you were under-extracting the coffee which typically results in a weaker and sour cup... A bitter cup usually results from over-extraction due to temps above 205F or using too much water....and a "stronger" cup can only result from a higher TDS (total disolved solids) as measured by a coffee refractometer and usually the result of over-extraction via going too fine on the grind. Anyway, that's all way too geeky but the point is, this is a great instructional video for SCG customers. Check out the Hoffman method video in the URL above if you're interested. Apparently it was good enough for Keith to win the World Brewers Cup using the Chemex.

    • Kat

      Thanks for sharing this info -- lots of good facts for people interested in messing around with it :) Incidentally, we did change up our ratio a bit when we did the Kone and it was noticeably different ... although the Kone could have been the real culprit ;)

      - Kat

  • DM

    Metric pro-tip: one gram of water is the same as one milliliter (mL) of water. So 400g of water is 400 mL.

    Mentioning it as it may be easier to do the water via volume if you're using a kettle. Of course if you already have the scale (to measure the grinds), then it's not a big deal to weigh the water.

  • Eric

    By the way, Kat. I know you know all this already (including what the competition is because I think I saw you and Gail in Houston at USBC). My post wasn't necessarily directed at you gals but more just informational for your customers. Cheers!

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