Crew Review: Bonavita Kettle

One thing we really love about the Hario Buono kettle is its spout -- carefully curved and thin, it provides great control when preparing pour over coffee. So when we got our hands on Bonavita's electric kettle that features a gooseneck spout, we were thrilled!

Watch Gail go through features and specs, boil up some water and then demonstrate how well the kettle pours. To see it in action with an actual pour over, take a look at Allison's Chemex filter tete-a-tete.


3 thoughts on “Crew Review: Bonavita Kettle”

  • Mike from Alsager
    Mike from Alsager February 8, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    Oh Kat I fear your Nobel prize for science is slipping through your fingers! If you leave the lid off your kettle then it's never going to turn itself off because it relies on the build up of steam pressure to flick the switch. Seven minutes is pretty slow too. I've just brought a litre of water to the boil in my 20+ year old plastic kettle and it took 2:53, but I'll grant you it has a fairly boring spout.

    Take care


    • Kat

      Mike -

      I battled with Gail and lost -- it's what it is ;) So maybe my Nobel Prize in debate & negotiation is really what's at risk here :D

      - Kat

  • Eric

    This type kettle is designed to operate with the lid in place while heating - 6 minutes for a full kettle 1 liter boil is what I see with mine. My older Aroma kettle's auto cut off would not activate with out the lid and filter in place. I agree the spout makes pour over easy - liking using mine.

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